Dong Dong Never Die

By: Derek Yu

On: March 9th, 2011

Dong Dong Never Die is a 2009 Chinese fan game that has digitized sprites and parodies popular fighting game series like Street Fighter and King of Fighters. According to one of the developers, it took 3 years of work to make and uses 10,000 photos! And it shows, actually – the features include 36 animated backdrops and 24 unique playable characters, each with a full complement of normal moves, specials, and supers.

DDND is not particularly balanced or complex or anything, but I had a good time playing through the Story Mode, which takes you on a quest to find and defeat the mysterious “Biochemistry Man”. The supreme goofiness is obviously the star of the game, but it also handles better than most fan-made fighters out there. A lot of (potentially misplaced) love went into this one! I especially like the long ending sequence that shows off the actors behind-the-scenes.

You can download DDND here, from Game Front. Also, apparently the developers of DDND were working on a PC/PSP HD remake of Streets of Rage and reveal this if you win the extremely cheesy 1-on-7 battle after the credits. If you can’t be bothered to win yourself, here’s a video of it and the “hidden” ending.

Thanks to vani77a for sharing this on the forums.

Link: Forum Thread about DDND

  • Phubans

    lol, this is so friggin weird!

  • Phubans

    lol, this is so friggin weird!

  • Peevish

    This shit is bananas!

  • CT


  • Dan Stubbs

    That is… INCREDIBLE!

  • Guest

    They stole the Street Fighter 4 music? There's a legal letter right there.

  • Markham

    Do you seriously expect a Chinese fan-game to care about copyrights?

  • Zafo999

    This game steals music and stuff from everywhere in the funniest ways imaginable. The KoF2008 intro is golden.

    Nurse combo video by a fellow Seattle fighting game nerd:

  • Xeno

    How did they make the sprites? Green/blue screen or careful photoshop editing?

  • Mogget

    This exactly what I'd expect from the makers of Super Cosplay War Ultra.

  • Phubans

    Are there any videos demonstrating the fighting techniques of the scantily clad female fighters in this game?

  • Guest

    Come on, Chinese ain't the only one doing it. There's thousands of flash games using Mario and sonic too, you know.

  • Markham

    And your point is?

  • Mark

    Well, the cutesy girl character has a supermove that summons Optimus Prime.

  • Hempuli

    I really like this! Nice dedication from the creators.

  • joehonkie

    That's not Streets of Rage. It's Dinosaurs and Cadillacs, and old Capcom arcade game based on the comic book of the same name.

  • Snowyowl

    Here's how I foresee the events occurring:
    -Capcom send DCMA letter to these guys
    -These guys know they're in the wrong and will lose the legal battle if it comes to court
    -They change the music to something else so they don't lose 3 years of hard work
    -Copies of the game appear on the Internet with the original music

  • Romeroni

    Or 2, nothing really happens.

  • guest

    The point is: Who care.