Minitroid Demo

By: Derek Yu

On: April 4th, 2011

Minitroid is a cute, low-resolution Metroid fan game. Tokinsom started the project as a way to learn Construct, the open-source game creation software, and, with the help of Betatronic and musician Jamie Billings, has developed it into a little “tech demo”. You can download the demo here, from the Metroid Database, and check out the game’s development log here, on TIGForums.

  • hryx

    Revenge of the armored roasted turkeys at 0:21!

  • SuperAnon

    Oh! I remember seeings this on the forums some time ago. Will definitely check it out, it looks sweet indeed.

    How many people have experience with Construct? I've never tried it, even though I've used MMF2 and related software before. I always figured I'd consider migrating whenever it got a stable release, but I never followed its development and ended up forgetting about it. Have there been any good games made in Construct?

  • OhMyGaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Another pixelated platforming metroid. Just what the indie scene needs!!.

  • anthonyflack

    Another bitchy comment. Just what the indie scene needs.

  • SJH

    This is SO CUTE D: It makes me want to play it right now…. or check out what inspired it, although from what I've seen of Metroid games, they are not cute. But that's ok, I don't have to have a cute game to be happy. It's just a bonus.

  • Jotaf

    Want!! :D

  • OhMyGaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Another bitching comment bitching a bitchy comment, just what the indie scene needs!

  • Tiganon

    If you haven't played the original metroid, you've done yourself no favor. Except perhaps for the favor of saving yourself hours of tedious backtracking and bomb-jumping, anyway.

  • fartron

    On a long enough timeline the probability of someone else finishing Arne's designs approaches 1.

  • lokijki

    I personally love Construct. I hadn't really done much with MMF2 or GameMaker because I didn't like their interfaces, but Construct worked beautifully. From what I understand, though, development on the current version of Construct has come to a halt in favor of Construct 2, which should be a huge improvement. It should be much more stable and I think they said it will be able to export to HTML5.

  • SJH

    Yeah, I've heard they're fun. I probably skipped most of the consoles the games were on when I was a kid, except for NES and Super NES. I know I can probably find legal ways to download or rent them now (Gametap, Gamestop? I forget), or buy for cheap. Just a matter of getting around to doing it :p.

  • IndieJoJo

    Honestly, the 'tech' works well, but this is disappointing. I'd rather see a variation on the Metroid formula.

    Since it's 'Minitroid', why not substantially increase the size of the play area? Imagine BIG BIG bosses vs. Chibi Samus… How about extra large morph ball mazes? By keeping the play area the same size, it seems so far that the developers are offering nothing new.

  • Levi Morgan

    I had this idea years ago, and even made a tile set. Incomplete, but I made quite a few tiles and sprites, and wanted to actually make the game. But I was focusing on pixel art at the time, and eventually forgot about it. This looks awesome, so incredibly close to what I had imagined for my mini metroid.

  • Beau_JC

    I am just a fan of the graphics. I am not sure why people are criticizing the Metroid source material, considering the author outright said it was a learning tool for him. I think Metroid is a relate-able, and more so, well made platform to base a study on. Props for making it a quality, polished demo considering!

  • vjnwbjn kupep

    If you ever do get the urge I would say start with the GBA games, then SNES, then gamecube/wii. Don't bother with Metroid 1 or 2. Dear god please never play Metroid 2…

  • ithamore

    I like how nicely the bomb jumping works once you get it started and then just hold the key down.

    Also, the little, extra attention to animation is charming.

  • Chrisbo99

    Another bitching comment bitching a bitchy comment bitching a bitchy comment being bitched by me.

  • Chrisbo99

    Metroid 2 wasn’t a “bad game” It just didn’t have good graphics, good sound, good boss fights (Only two real boss battles), no atmosphere except for a few bleeps and bloops in the back round. But at least Samus could crouch now!