Realm of the Mad God

By: Derek Yu

On: June 21st, 2011

Realm of the Mad God, by Wild Shadow Studios

Realm of the Mad God began life humbly, as an entry for our TIGSource Assemblee Competition. Since then, Wild Shadow Studios and Oryx, the creator of the popular dungeon tileset the game uses, have developed it into a free-to-play, browser-based, massively multiplayer action RPG. Players seek to destroy the minions of “Oryx” for a chance to duel – together – against the Mad God himself and win some fabulous loot. If you haven’t played in a while, the latest release takes RotMG out of beta and features 13 characters classes, multi-stage bosses, item shops, pets, and more. There’s even a nice sprite editor for creating and animating pixel artwork to use in the game.

TIGdb: Entry for Realm of the Mad God

  • Ijhvghjjbh

    I play gam I like thumbs ip

  • FrozenCow

    Very cool to see this game go from Assemblee entry to full MMO. There are a lot of people online now :D, compared to earlier when I was walking around on my own :'(.
    Btw, the link for TIGdb is incorrect:

  • ConcernedDragon

    Definitely the WoW of indie MMO's.

  • Honest Guy

    why is this game using hack slash loot's sprites??????????????

  • Henk Boom

    some info about the sprites

  • John Evans

    Lost Garden just had a big post about Realm of the Mad God.

  • Derek Yu

    Thank you. :3

  • Guest

    People should keep in mind that this isn't entirely free to play. You have to pay real money for more character slots, and other things.

  • Guest

    Free enough for me. Considering your character slot opens up if you die and the game encourages dying by giving you fame points and unlocking new classes.

  • keith.burgun

    Sure would be nice if indie developers would stop using MS Word 97 fonts in their games… oh well…

  • DustySpur

    i like “youreacunt” and “racist” appearing in the image

  • Jonny

    Played for only 6 minutes. Game's AWESOME so far!! Seriously…After all the Steam Indie Games, Minecraft, Project Zomboid, Terraria and this one…I am wondering why I should ever pay good money for a shitty retail game with graphics but no soul again. Sure, it's a lot about the pricing, but there's a lot more love in most of those Indie Games than in any retail game from the industry, recently.

  • Dan MacDonald

    This game feels like something special. I've lost a few days to it already, I wish I could share my sprites with my friends!

  • No

    It IS tons of fun at first, but it unfortunately doesn't have limitless replay value… Once you've got a few characters to level 20 there's not so much left.

  • Guest

    There’s also no penalty in just making other accounts, but if you like the game enough, you’ll definitely want to support it and keep everything organized on one!

  • Eifeifegeg rotmg

    Woot woot
    Rotmg ftw