Running with Rifles Pre-Alpha 0.1

By: Derek Yu

On: June 22nd, 2011

At Pre-Alpha version 0.1 Running with Rifles is already a lot of fun, so I’m excited to see where it goes from here. The goal of the game is to control the map by taking key points such as the Town, the East Trench, the Airport, etc., from the opposing team. You start at one of seven ranks that determine how many of your fellow soldiers will follow you as you pass by. As a lowly private you’ll probably want to stay with a squad until you rank up (through kills), but as a captain you can lead your own squads into battle. The AI is pretty lifelike – soldiers move as a team, find cover, and bark orders at one another.

Modulaatio Games has plans to bring online multiplayer to Running with Rifles eventually, and this singleplayer-only pre-alpha seems like a great jumping off point for that. I’m already impressed by the scale of the battles, with dozens of soldiers fighting over a square kilometer of land, as well as the freedom of how you can choose to play despite there only being one player class. The addition of multiplayer and other options will only be enhancing an already decent game.

Note: Press “G” to use your grenades. They can be refilled at the ammo boxes.

  • Ryan Huggins

    It took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on, but this game looks pretty exciting. Has that Minigore feel, just it “feels” better. I like the graphics a lot, the less gritty take on the real world is refreshing and I'm looking forward to a release. The AI was very impressive and the way they react to grenades was cute (in as epic a way as I can make “cute” sound).

  • Yadu Rajiv

    Like Ryan said, it did take some time to get used to whole hue of the situation. But it looks brilliant! Imho, they got that fov perfectly right for this kind of a game.

  • Godatplay

    I'm not usually into these kinds of games, but what makes me excited about this game is that the design looks _elegant_ both in terms of its presentation and its gameplay.

  • the_dannobot

    needs more yellow, brown, and yellow-brown

  • Yougiedeggs

    needs to stop crashing long enough for me to finish a game.
    It's a 0.1 pre-alpha, so it's not like I have a right to complain, but what little I have gotten to play  has been a blast.
    Eagerly awaiting a more stable version, preferably less brown and hazy.

  • Guest

    Too. Much. Fog. I can't see anything going on because it is so foggy.

  • François Gutherz

    “War has never been so much fun”, Richard Joseph.

  • jou

    anyone has tried to cap all map?

  • Erf

    This game has been updated quite a bit since the pre-alpha, you might give it a try, it costs around 5 bucks to play the beta though. Pretty much worth it, the multiplayer is so freaking much fun!