By: Derek Yu

On: June 23rd, 2011

Joost van Dongen’s gorgeous abstract racing game Proun has been released today as pay-what-you want. Players are encouraged the try the full game for free if they’re unsure and pay for it later if they feel that it’s worth some dough (I definitely think so!). Proun features 4 tracks (plus one bonus track when you pay for the game), up to 4-player splitscreen multiplayer, 4 speeds, online leaderboards, and an option to race against your ghosts. Players can also create their own tracks in 3d Studio MAX and share them with others.

TIGdb: Entry for Proun

  • Orphée Lafond-Lummis

    Yay! I love the looks of Proun. Only if I had some bucks to spare…

  • Cameron Jackson

    Been following this for a while now, about to go buy it! :D

  • Chris Geehan

    The trailer says you can try it now and buy it later mate!

  • Rivon

    Oh god, another game so simple and yet so awesome… Why can't I think up something like this?

  • Orphée Lafond-Lummis

    Ah! Thanks Chris. How did I miss that? Lol.

  • Chris Geehan

    Haha i thought you were perhaps kidding around, glad I mentioned it though hehe :)

  • FourbitFriday

    it doesn't seem to work for me :'(
    that makes me a sad xion.

  • Honest Guy

    too expensive! next!

  • Guest

    looks wonderful but it's a bit boring

  • maseck

    I have a headache now, thank you.

  • Gnome

    Some of the best visuals ever. The game is pretty fun too, and definitely worth grabbing.

  • Chris B

    Oh wow – didn't anticipate the track creation feature – that's pretty sweet!

  • Christian Knudsen

    A pity you can't make tracks with Blender. I doubt most players will have a $3,500 modelling program…

  • Guest

    Unless you're a student.

    Full versions of Autodesk products for free.

  • Christian Knudsen

    Huh, wasn't aware of that. Neat!

  • verythrax

    Damn, is the proun site offline for anyone else, or is ii just me? :/

  • Benji

    Same thing happened to me, from Joost's blog apparently “during the weekend, 1.2 million HTTP requests were performed towards the Proun website.” Old web host pulled the site, so he put up a temporary site here:

  • verythrax

    Thanks, but seems that the Buy page is not working on the temp site right now, anyway :/

  • Benji

    Thankfully there's a link on the site to a torrent download.

  • verythrax

    Just posted a question about it in the official forum and the author is working with the e-commerce site to fix it. Great!

  • Tom

    Wow this is a cool little thing! I honestly hope they do something more interesting with this idea, make some more interesting race tracks or something, but face-value this is great.

  • Hyper Emerson

    How come such a simple game needs a powerful PC? The game crashes when i try to load levels. =T

  • MDude1350

    Well the first half of the video was all about the price, with no mention of the actual game, so I'll just ignore everything about it for now.

  • bauer

    Nice, I love this game! :D

  • Alex

    Wow, this game is so amazing, I love the art style!