Momodora II

By: Derek Yu

On: July 14th, 2011

Momodora 2, by rdein

Momodora II is a Cave Story-inspired Metroidvania by rdein. You play Momo, a shrine maiden that’s been sent to defeat the Underworld Queen using a leaf and playing cards. It’s a short but charming game.

The soundtrack, by Elektrobear, is available here. The original game can be downloaded here.

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  • Guest

    this game is a minecraft ripoff

  • Honest Guy

    is this a cave story remake?

  • Honest Guy

    wait.. it is inspired in cave story… 

    jk fail? :-0

  • Skadouche

    Actually what most people don’t know is that Momodora means “Rip off” in Japan.  And actually the context is more like “Rape Off” . So the game is basically called Rape Off 2.   2 because its its a sequel – by contraction.   Sorry, i find the culture gap a bit crazy too.  But basically the game is called  Rape Story 2.  Or depending on your background, it could be translated as  Rape Cave: The Cave That Rapes Stories.   
    Your welcome.

  • Phubans


  • Tehvenezuelan

    Hey, I did the music for the first one :D

  • Anonymous

    Skeptical reply is skeptical.

  • Phubans


  • tim hsu


  • ABC

    rdein is the creepiest person i know

  • TigerBites

    You brought even less to the table. 

  • tim hsu


  • hmm

    Uh, weird that most of the comments are just tired memes and basically no comments on the actual game … this game is pretty fun, you all should play it :)

  • News

    It’s well-known that meta discussion is more constructive than memespouting.

  • Raigan

    Hurst. Look it up :p

  • tim hsu


  • Honest Guy

    this is a game? 

  • Anonymous


  • jay

    hard end boss is hard

  • Honest Guy

    unskilled player is unskilled 

  • Amon26

    the sprite-style and feel of the game are clearly Cavestory. but the plot, characters, and setting are different enough for me to love it.  And really, since when has a good copycat of a good game been a bad thing? Especially when the author is honest about it?  Well, I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I’m enjoying this.  And I’m going to get back to enjoying it in 3, 2, –

  • EPriest


  • jay

    on the map i see a spot where i am suppoesed to go down, buy i can’t.

    any hints on that?

  • Guest

    ..have you tried dashing?

  • Asmodeus Machorne

    I’m playing the first game right now, and I’m very pleased to find the little easter egg about the doll in the game’s data folders. I always go through a game’s folders looking for interesting things like sound files, tiles, and development documents, so it’s nice to get something in-game for being curious.

  • James

    Momodora 1 was the best Cave Story clone I’ve ever played. It was a very enjoyable hour(s). Super excited about this sequel.

  • gamecreator

    Holding down while you press jump while standing on a thin ground/bridge allows you to fall down.

  • G G

    Haha. How?