Super Smash Land

By: Derek Yu

On: September 15th, 2011

Super Smash Land, by Dan Fornace

Super Smash Land is a cute Game Boy demake of the popular Super Smash Bros. series of games. It features six characters (Mario, Kirby, Link, Pikachu, and two unlockable characters), three game modes (Arcade, Endless, and Versus), and up to four human or CPU players. The control scheme has been simplified to one jump button and one action button.

  • Cory

    I love me some Flashygoodness.

  • News

    CP CP CP

  • Jetpackcat

    I got to get my hands on this…

  • gnome

    Excellent discovery Derek, just excellent. 

  • Daid303

    Oops, standard gameboy fail. Yes, the gameboy had 4 colors. However, for sprites 1 of those colors is transparent. So sprites can only have 3 colors.

  • YetanotherguyIam

    The only shame is that it is such a minecraft ripoff

  • Majormel84

    i saw this game on ign yesterday and seen gameplay footage andit looks so good!
    i wish there was more characters but this is good enough.

  • Joster Manoster

    who is the 6th character :?

  • Cevolved

    Vaporeon, use the cheat code ‘Elementimals’ after pressing the home key. It’s over next to insert and delete.

  • PalmHandedFingerFace

    While the following wouldn’t count as an indie game per se, I will mention that Project M is also pretty darn epic.  There’s really no point in waiting for Smash 4 when you’ve already got games like Smash Land, and Smash mods that feature balance changes and goo-gobs of new and old content thrown in. 

    Nintendo might as well make the next Smash open source, and let the fans go nuts for the rest of the series.

  • Phubans

    Who likes Smash Bros? Ew, not me. Some fan-fiction bullshit up in here. Fags, the lot of you.

  • Phubans

    ^ Sorry gotta keep that old ‘persona’ in check. That wasn’t actually me (you fags).