Ao Oni

By: Derek Yu

On: March 17th, 2012

Ao Oni, by noprops

A group of teenagers enter an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town to see if it’s haunted… an unimaginative set up for a horror tale, but thankfully it’s not indicative of the rest of the game. Released in 2009 by the Japanese developer noprops, Ao Oni has since gained a cult reputation for its inventive scares and challenging puzzles. Given that it’s made in RPGMaker XP, the game’s not Amnesia-levels of scary, but it squeezes a lot out of the aging engine to provide a suitably creepy backdrop for the puzzle-solving.

Everything you need to play Ao Oni is available at its homepage, including the RPGMaker XP runtime. There are Japanese, English, and Italian language editions of the game – just download your preferred translation, unzip, and run (after installing the runtime, of course). Keep in mind that different versions of Ao Oni vary greatly in terms of plot and design… older versions are available from other websites if you’re interested (but beware of spoilers).

TIGdb: Entry for Ao Oni

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    There’s also a spin-off inspired by the Yaranaika meme.
    It’s called Abe Oni:
    I personally found it scarier than the original

  • ElTipejoLoco

    What version is the one on TIGdb? I played and beat a translated version of 5.2 long ago, and I was unaware that a 6.23 had apparently popped up (with an official translation? Or at least one hosted on the developer’s site), so I was curious. It doesn’t seem that TIGdb has a “version number” field for the downloads it hosts.

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  • Lrdr

    Hooray for pixel bitching.

    This would have made a very enjoyable text adventure.

  • mtarini

    I vote that “RPG Maker” as Top 5 Wort Game Application 2012, and it is a sure nominee for worse technical idea ever.

    According to, they make you save ~20 MB of disk space per game. Whoo-ho! 20Mb! That’s, like, almost 0.002$ worth of disk space, naturally IF you have more than one game of that kind (and, even then, only for the time you would have kept the game in your HD, e.g. say a week)! So it’s totally worth to:1) littering your *global* system folders with DLLs garbage (forever)
    2) having no way to actually run the game until their authors update the thing to the new flaming RPG maker (missing DLL errors)

  • Jvfgt

    It’s a good game. The chase scenes are fun and the concept is well executed… but the puzzles…! I had to resort to a guide for the later ones. But play if you like classic adventure game puzzles. They’re difficult but I suppose they do make sense in retrospect.

    Also play if you like the horror genre. It gets stranger later on in the game.

  • GGringo

    Is it me, or is it hawt in here? >;-)

  • Euthymios

    I vote that “mtarini” comment as an Wort Use Grammar & Spelling 2012, and it is sure nominee for worse idea ever.

    According to
    me, the comment is written so badly that it was actually difficult to extract the meaning.  It’s totally worth it for “mtarini” to: 1) Kill self. 2) Get back to work on his Game Maker game.

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