Free Unity for Android and iOS

By: ithamore

On: March 29th, 2012

Until April 8th, Unity for Android and iOS development will be free. So, if you’ve been wishing you could port your games to mobile devices or that you could dabble in creating something new for them, head over to the Unity store to grab your copy, install, and be sure to activate the serial number before the deadline.

(Source: The Indie Game Magazine)

  • Jamagic

    First comment! 

  • RandomUnityLover


  • Jonathan Brodsky

    Does this mean an ongoing license that is free?! OMG OMG. Or does it expire on the 8th.

  • Richard Moreau

    I am The Master and I am quite interested in Unity.

  • Mairu Nodärson

    I am too quite interested in this. Thanks for posting.

  • Rune Skovbo Johansen

    The license will not expire.

  • Charles Elwonger

    I haven’t really tested it out, but the free mobile license also seems to be limited in the same ways that the free desktop license is limited.

  • News

    free as in STDs

  • Will

    The license doesn’t expire, but after the 8th you won’t be able to grab it for free anymore. No dirty tricks here :)

    Also, a bunch of Unity plugins/assets developers are running the “Asset Store Madness”, a massive sale on some of the top extensions for Unity available on the Unity Asset Store. Check them out and grab them while they’re super cheap – the sale ends on the 8th of April too! [ |]

  • Wilbefast

    Behold, the closed-source devil tries to lure the young in with his hollow promises o_O Once you step down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny!

  • Anon Y Mouse

     Please, step away from the computer.

  • Wilbefast

    Never =O

    Not until the just and noble cause of Free and Open Source software has once and for all triumphed over the vile closed-platforms of Microsoft and their ilk!!

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