By: Derek Yu

On: April 8th, 2012

Verminest '83, by Locomalito

Classic 80’s arcade games like Galaga and Centipede were the inspiration for Verminest, the latest release from the prolific Spanish developer Locomalito. The game features a simple scoring system that offers bonuses for killing enemies up close or taking out wave leaders early on. Large bosses and scrolling sections are also welcome additions to the Galaga formula.

The original release in February was black and white (with an optional “3d mode” for viewing with 3d glasses), but recently Locomalito put up a colored version called Verminest ’83 (pictured above). The gameplay remains exactly the same as before.

Also, now you can receive boxed versions of the Locomalito games for donating over a certain amount (~30 euros for each game or ~90 euros for all five). It’s not clear from the website whether the boxes include a printed version of the games’ PDF instruction manuals, however.

TIGdb: Entry for Verminest

  • Jamagic

    First comment!

  • Erik

    Wha…? Anyhows, great game and trailer! Locomalito rocks!

  • Paul Hubans

    Agreed. They’re one of my favorite indie developers. They’re consistently good and goodly consistent.

  • 90 euros is… a quite a lot of money. And no, I wouldn’t spend anywhere near that amount on AAA games either.

  • Paul Hubans

     That’s for five games, which puts the price at just under $20 for each game… That is quite a bit high for an indie game, but if you think about the cost of materials and extra craftsmanship that went into the boxed versions, the price seems fair.

  • Gabriel Verdon

     Printing shit costs a lot of money, as does shipping, especially when you’re a single person and not a corporation who can do it in bulk. And I assume he is setting the price so that he does not lose money.

  • Gnome

    Another fine Locomalito offering!

  • Aleksandar Salma

     Isn’t it just one dude making everything except the music :)?

  • Anonymous

    Locomalito is always solid gold.

  • 0rel

    Nice one!

  • James Monkman