The Real Texas

By: Paul Eres

On: June 16th, 2012

[This is a guest post from Offal]

Developer Calvin French has released long awaited action-adventure game The Real Texas,
presently purchasable at a discounted early-release price. In the game, you follow the story of a vacationing cowboy who finds himself on an unexpected journey in a land full of strange happenings and peculiar personalities. You solve puzzles and explore the boundaries of a well developed overworld, and the deep challenging dungeons that lie beneath.

The Real Texas features some unique systems from the adventure genre that are rarely seen in modern releases outside of text games. The game has a deep inventory system, and a streamlined text parser for character conversation. These allow for a lot of old-school adventure type puzzles, letting you ask characters about certain topics directly, or search any area thoroughly for hidden artifacts.

The story unfolds over the events surrounding an otherworldly town and its inhabitants. This fairly small setting allows the game to develop an engrossing story around the mysteries the player-cowboy has stumbled into, and his struggle to set things right.

While the unconventional naive art style, peculiar combat, and conversation elements may seem strange to seasoned gamers at first, once the story picks up and you’ve got a pack full of goods and a goal in mind, there are few modern games that are so uniquely engrossing.

  • Anonymous

    my own comment on the game — i haven’t played it yet but have been hearing good things about it

    the price is 40% off for just today (it ends tomorrow), but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a demo, so you just have to trust in offal’s judgement. if it helps, mrpodunkian (dev of puppy death factory, merry gear solid, streemerz, etc.) also says it’s pretty great and was praising it very highly in irc a couple of days ago

  • JoseD

    haha, I love games with minimalistic graphics!

  • Jack Nilssen

    It’s good, and loaded with Easter Eggs for those clever enough to look for/find them.

    Just remember to read all of the EULA when you install it ;)

  • Anonymous

     how do you get a discus subtitle like that? (independent game developer / runner / lover)?

  • Jack Nilssen

    I *think* it’s because of the way it’s linked to Gravatar, though my subtitle on Gravatar is longer. Never really thought about it :/

  • ARealRealTexan.

    Voice acting is horrible, is that supposed to be a Texan accent? Looks good aside from that.

  • offal

    as with much of the game, i think it’s both a bit earnest and a bit tongue-in-cheek. the narration is probably just to set a mood for the trailer; the game itself contains no voice acting.

  • Jay Tholen

    This is what I thought as well. I don’t think he was going for a convincing texas-y voice. It was more a ‘I’m-just-doing-the-best-I-can” type thing, which I felt made the words seem more sincere. Much more than if he had hired a professional voice actor or something.

  • Anonymous

    This game is cool; very surreal and relaxing.
    Bonus points for being able to play it with the mouse only, it confers greatly enhanced snackfulness.

  • Petu

    Played for about 2 hours now and it realy feels like in the old days.
    Love it so far :)

  • Chris G. Daniel

    Played about 20 minutes, would have played more, but I got stuck on the first puzzle.

    I get that you are supposed to put the parking ticket in the car door, but they never tell you how to select the car’s DOOR. Really aggravating to get blue balled so early in the game and that there is no walkthrough out yet to help me out.

    I hope the rest of the puzzles show some more polish.

  • Ferretypie

    You don’t use the parking ticket on the car, you use it on the gate to get outside.

  • Sam Brien

    Reminds me of Cubivore, for some reason.

  • butthole

    watch True Stories and then watch this trailer again

    (or at least this much)

  • butthole

    well dang guess you can’t post links

    is what i really meant

  • Firesword

  • Joshua Mononoetoe

    “I get that you are supposed to put the parking ticket in the car door”

    Where did you get that idea from? There’s this huge, massive, red coloured door that accepts parking tickets. The ticket even says that you shouldn’t put it on the car :)

  • Mfraley6

     Calvin extended the sale price, I just got an email from him saying he refunded some of my money, here’s part of the email:


    If you’re getting this email, though, it means you paid full price!
    Argh! I know that would really grind my gears, I would be all like
    “mumble mumble mumble REALLY? Argh, oh well, whatever, sigh, quote,

    So this is just to let you know that I’ll be refunding the difference
    ($7.00 USD) to you today! Think of it as for comedic effect… or…
    something: “This hamburger is 15$, sir or madam!” “Oh, it looks
    delicious, I’ll have it!” “Here’s your hamburger, and seven dollars!”
    “What?” “Enjoy your meal! But don’t eat the money, it’s dirty…””

  • Mfraley6

     Oh, the game is uniquely awesome too!

  • Renaud B.

     Sweet ! I’ll grab my copy tonight.

  • Doglord

    This is the best game of the year so far