Grimrock Dungeon Editor: Steam Beta

By: Derek Yu

On: September 13th, 2012

Legend of Grimrock, by Almost Human

After four months of hard work the Legend of Grimrock team has released a level editor beta for their first-person dungeon crawl. Due to Steam’s rapid updating capabilities, the editor is currently only available for players who own the Steam version of the Grimrock. To try it out, right-click on “Legend of Grimrock” in your Steam library and select properties. Then click on the “Betas” tab and opt-in to begin downloading the editor.

Almost Human says that it will be available for all distribution platforms after the beta is over.

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  • anon

    Dat cow! XD

  • BearKiller

    Wow. This dungeon editor is above and beyond everything I expected it to be. I’ve been looking forward to this game since it began development and I love how far it’s gone. The people at AlmostHuman really know how to get stuff done. I sincerely hope they decide to make more games.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid, stupid Mac

  • Guest

    As an architect, the ceiling construction in these dungeons baffles me. I could believe that the outer rick of brick/blocks is resting on the beams, but there is absolutely nothing keeping the inner rings from falling in. I welcome any arguments to the contrary, but its frustrating to have this level of detail and realism and then do something like glue masonry to the ceiling.

  • Arucard

    It’s also funny to see people attach reality to games with fireballs, monsters, healing potions, etc. but I can see how this being your profession makes it hard to look past. Still funny :)

  • Ryan

    Ha, I actually meant to delete my comment because it was a little much.

  • Derek Yu

    FWIW, I thought it was a great comment!

  • Aleph

    Can you edit the battle system? Real time combat with tile based movement feels odd as hell.

    I’d like to add the combat system from Nocturne or Strange Journey instead. Please make this game more moddable. A map editor is a step in the right direction.

  • Harvey Self

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