Kickstart This: Sui Generis

By: Derek Yu

On: November 9th, 2012

Sui Generis is the name of a new RPG from Bare Mettle Entertainment. Well, it’s really just a tech demo at this point, but the engine and toolset behind it are extremely promising, offering powerful physics simulation and impressive procedurally-generated terrain at the click of a button. Combat is also physics-based and while it currently looks quite wobbly (drunken is perhaps more accurate), it seems like great fun, too.

RPG players have a lot to look forward to these days from the indie game development community, with lots of small developers bunkering down for the long-term to develop their dream games. Dwarf Fortress, Age of Decadence, Grim Dawn, Kenshi, Starfarer, and the candy-coated Cube World all show a lot of potential. Hopefully Sui Generis will join them in seeing a successful release some day.

Also, this is probably as good a time as any to announce that Kickstarter has finally opened its doors to the UK.

  • John Paul Roth

    Oh man, Cube World is looking awesome. I hadn’t seen it for a long time.

  • alasta

    This prototype does look really cool technically. But I hope it doesn’t end up as dull as Path of Exile in the end. Would be nice if they would design it around having 1 life (perma death,) not enough 3D games do that.

  • lolo

    I like the plastic looking character that talks at the beginning, he doesn’t really look real, but the lighting is ace (they should improve the animations though)…

  • sp

    it’s “sui generis” not “sui genesis”…

  • mtarini

    “RPGs like Dwarf Fortress, Age of Decadence, Grim Dawn, Kenshi, Starfarer, and the candy-coated Cube World all show a lot of potential.”

    How didn’t Overgrowth end up in that list?

  • Derek Yu


  • Timothy Hsu

    This prototype just makes me want to play Dungeon Keeper with a real physics engine and proper collision detection.

    All this engine development makes me think that some people are better off NOT using kickstarter, licensing these novel engines and architectures, and then using that cash to build a game instead of pinning all their hopes on crowdsourcing.

    That way if the idea “fails” (that is, if no one picks up the engine) then they can move on to a different idea with less loss, as opposed to something like kickstarter where if a kickstarter fails it seems that everything attached to it goes down the crapper too.

    I guess what I’m saying is something like this is better off as an update to current mechanics as opposed to the creation of a novel game. That and I LOVE ME SOME DUNGEON KEEPER

  • Arne

    The fighter look very drunken and the acceleration of the Player does not come from the feed, nor does the (physical) balance do. Though it is pretty much awesome.

  • keeperxiii

    …I’ll be impressed if the game can run in low-mid end PCs lol

    That said, the physics look fantastic, the ideas are good and I hope they get to release it.

    I really like this summary from the devs:

  • Patter

    The combat is a bit off IMO, it looks like he is a but drunk and that someone is controlling his arms with invisible sticks and the collusion is making every hit with the sword look like its duller that a rusty pocket knife.
    Looks promising tho, if they can make the combat look better i think they can achieve something truly epic here ^^

  • News

    flailing retard scuffles

  • Ryan Szrama

    Perhaps because it’s not an RPG?

  • Quazi

    Does it look fun? check
    Does it look realistic? who cares.

    The combat looks incredibly fun with every swing being something you plan and are cautious with in order to not get parried. Its good to see a game that’s using current technology in an interesting way to make a game fun. I hate seeing games like diablo 3 or skyrim come out, where the graphics and effects may be beautiful in comparison to older games (debatable) but the actual control, dynamics and gameplay benefit nothing from new tech. Playing the first diablo and thwacking things felt so good, and in D3 its the same, except everything uses modern conventions in programming and design and ends up being less polished than work from the past. I feel genuine creative in the design/creation process going into this that’s been severely lacking in today’s games.

  • MouthWithHead

    Bare Mettle? Dude, they should have called the company Bear Metal! That’d be way cooler!

    Anyway, the engine does look nice, and I like that it’s got that old Diablo feel to it. Why do so many devs want to ramble on about realism though? I know the technical details are always cool to see, but sometimes I worry that they get tunnel vision worrying about those details. It’s not like the fighting looks that much more “real” at the moment anyway, but hopefully that will improve.

    I also cock a brow when I hear blurbs about loading times. Today’s gaming machines can do so much, that in my opinion, it’s not even worth mentioning unless the game can run on at least a 6-year old rig.

  • tanroar

    I would enjoy this more if it wasn’t top-down.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not usually like this, but I hated the Madoc Evans’s pretentious “I’m like a boss” expression.

  • Anonymous

    This looks fantastic! But I’m seriously disappointed to see it’s being used for yet another generic quasi-medieval RPG.

  • Nektonico

    the procedural combat alone makes this kickstarter-worthy, i hope they reach their goal

  • beastyboy966

    As long as loading times and lag aren’t bad with high graphics and large maps, looks awesome. Though the smaller details may be obscure to the average player, the truly dedicated gamers will notice and praise these obscure graphics, sound and physics. If your PC ar MAC is outdated you won’t be able to play any high-quality games anyway. Though, to remark on previous comments, fighting could be a bit better. I assume though all games look like this in the beginning phases. Lighting looks good and editor doesn’t look to complicated. Just don’t for get to make sure that for a more advanced player, the editor can make a finer-tuned map if he/she wishes. Overall, looks like a well rounded, fun, game.

  • beastyboy966

    or not ar

  • Nicodamus

    It doesn’t look like it going to be funded. Anyways I’m a bit skeptical about the game since the have showed nothing about it except the engine. Maybe that’s all it should be.

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