IGF 2013: Nominees and Student Winners

By: Derek Yu

On: January 22nd, 2013

IGF 2012

The Main Competition finalists for the 2013 Independent Games Festival were announced earlier this month and the Student Competition winners were just announced today. New to the Main Competition this year is an Excellence in Narrative Award to honor “innovation, quality, and impressiveness of storytelling in a game, including, but not limited to, scenario, plot construction, story, dialogue, and other major factors”.

The award show will take place at GDC on March 27th, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. In the meantime, TIGForums members are discussing the results in this thread.

The lists of nominees and Student winners are reprinted below:

Excellence In Visual Art
Incredipede (Northway Games and Thomas Shahan)
Kentucky Route Zero (Cardboard Computer)
Guacamelee! (Drinkbox Studios)
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Asteroid Base)
Year Walk (Simogo)

Excellence In Narrative
Thirty Flights of Loving (Blendo Games)
Cart Life (Richard Hofmeier)
Kentucky Route Zero (Cardboard Computer)
Dys4ia (Auntie Pixelante)
Gone Home (The Fullbright Company)

Technical Excellence
StarForge (CodeHatch)
Perspective (DigiPen Widdershins)
Little Inferno (Tomorrow Corporation)
Intrusion 2 (Aleksey Abramenko)
LiquidSketch (Tobias Neukom)

Excellence In Design
Samurai Gunn (Beau Blyth)
FTL: Faster Than Light (Subset Games)
Starseed Pilgrim (Droqen & Ryan Roth)
Super Hexagon (Terry Cavanagh)
Super Space ______ (David Scamehorn & Alexander Baard/DigiPen)

Excellence In Audio
Kentucky Route Zero (Cardboard Computer)
Bad Hotel (Lucky Frame)
140 (Jeppe Carlsen)
Hotline Miami (Dennaton Games)
Pixeljunk 4AM (Q-Games)

Nuovo Award
[Designed to honor abstract… and unconventional game development’.]
Cart Life (Richard Hofmeier)
Spaceteam (Henry Smith)
Dys4ia (Auntie Pixelante)
Bientot l’ete (Tale of Tales)
7 Grand Steps (Mousechief)
MirrorMoon (SantaRagione + BloodyMonkey)
VESPER.5 (Michael Brough)
Little Inferno (Tomorrow Corporation)

Seumas McNally Grand Prize
Hotline Miami (Dennaton Games)
FTL: Faster Than Light (Subset Games)
Cart Life (Richard Hofmeier)
Little Inferno (Tomorrow Corporation)
Kentucky Route Zero (Cardboard Computer)

Student Winners
Back to Bed (Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment)
Blackwell’s Asylum (Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment)
Knights of Pen & Paper (Instituto de Ensino Superior de Brasilia & Universidade de Brasilia)
the mindfulxp volume (Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center)
Pulse (Vancouver Film School)
Zineth (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

  • http://www.anodynegame.com/ sean hogan (seagaia)

    Anodyne (http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=26260.0) got a honorable student mention :) !

  • vincent

    Where is Fez?

  • Johannes Jensen

    Fez won 2 awards in 2008.

  • http://www.twitter.com/BeeMickSee Brandon McCartin

    No, it won “Excellence In Visual Art” in 2008 and The Seumas McNally Grand Prize last year. That’s us accepting it in the image. ;)

    FOR THE RECORD: I’m not four feet tall — it’s just the perspective. The perspective! :'(

  • james4563453

    They are so lucky and i hope they are be inspired to do more better something in technology education. We need to helps them so more such that they find enough opportunities in here.

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    Very good program for the educators and i think most of the people are interested about educational program. For more better developed in the study field such kind of program inspired the educators.

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    It was great program and every students are enjoy this job so much. To get more knowledge about technology such kind of program is need so more in here. I like this job so much.

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    its a great program indeed! should always arrange such kind of event and competition among students by which they can enhance their level if creativity through technology

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