Skulls of the Shogun

By: Derek Yu

On: January 30th, 2013

Skulls of the Shogun, by 17-Bit

Skulls of the Shogun was released today on XBLA and Windows 8/Surface/Phone. Inspired by fast-paced tactics titles like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, Skulls promises relatively deep and engaging decision-making based around a simple ruleset and a limited number of units (7 total, including the singular General unit). Also, the game eschews grid-based, menu-based movement – instead, players move their units within a circle that represents the maximum distance they can travel each turn.

On top of a “15-hour” singleplayer campaign and hotseat local multiplayer, Skulls of the Shogun also offers an online multiplayer mode can be played between platforms.

  • 13xforever

    I tried this game yesterday and while it’s very interesting and I really liked the concept, the translation is killing everything. Worst yet, I can’t change it!

    Get real, games aren’t apps! Where I can cope with forced localization in some utility, I can’t turn my eyes off in game. As little literary text there is, it still bothers me. And then there’s the disparity between localized UI and dialogues with English text in animated cutscenes.

  • Derek Yu

    What language?

  • 13xforever

    Russian in this case.

    Plus non-latin localizations get standard fonts which look rather out of place.

  • Derek Yu

    That sucks.

    If you’re playing on Xbox I think you can change your location in Console Settings. That should change the translation, too.

  • 13xforever

    No, no, no. I should’ve specified that that was Windows Store version, and it’s partially a fault of how Windows 8 manage language preferences for Metro (it depends on what languages and in what order they installed for a user).

    But then again, even some of standard apps have a language selection in settings.

  • Keith Burgun

    I’ve been excited for this game for years. I’m just curious to see how it holds up now that OUTWITTERS, the best wargame of all time, has already been released.

  • John Evans

    Non-grid-based movement, like in a circle, has been around for a while. See Phantom Brave, 2004, and Makai Kingdom, 2005, as examples.

    Just sayin’.

  • Derek Yu

    I know, but it’s still not very common.

  • patrick mullen

    Do I really have to go into metro for this? I don’t even remember how to get that open :P

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving this game on my Windows Phone. It’s actually a fairly strategic game, not the typical time waster like many other mobile games.

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  • hemanth rao

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