Mercenary Kings

By: Derek Yu

On: July 29th, 2013

[This is a guest post by phubans.]

Here’s a guest review for Mercenary Kings. I even made a video to go with it!

Mercenary Kings is simply amazing. You can always tell when you like a game – you start playing it and spend the next 8~ hours continuing to play it. It’s that good. When I started out, I did the online co-op with a few friends over a Skype call, playing on my TV with a gamepad for the full experience. Co-op was great, but I kept playing for hours after everyone else left, completely immersed in the level of depth the game had to offer.

Let me just say that this game seems to have ticked all the right boxes. It goes without saying that a game featuring the awesome art and animation of Paul Robertson is going to look great, but beyond that it even feels great; the feedback couldn’t be better. The music is also one of the game’s strong points, with driving, energetic tunes that will have you humming along. But as great as it looks, sounds, and plays, I think the most compelling feature of the game is the weapon crafting system.

As you play the game, enemies and chests will drop common, uncommon, and rare materials. Back at base camp you can use these to craft weapons, armor, and accessory upgrades. But it isn’t as simple as upgrading your gun to level 2. Perhaps the greatest aspect of Mercenary Kings is that every part of your gun is customizable – the receiver, the barrel, the stock, the magazine, etc. Using this system you can mix and match to create one of thousands of unique possible combinations.

The game also features a rank system where you’ll rank up by completing various missions, including scenarios like hostage rescue, scavenger hunts for materials, and simply neutralizing or capturing enemies and bosses. Completing some missions will unlock new NPCs to interact with as well new missions, areas, and weapon parts to craft.

If RPG elements aren’t enough to sell a Metal Slug-type game for you, then it’s probably not your cup of tea, but as far as games in this genre go, this one is pretty great and easily one of the best games I’ve played so far in 2013. For fans of the Contra and Metal Slug series who also enjoy high-level weapon customization and RPG elements, this game is most certainly a must buy.

  • allen

    I want phubans’ cock in my mouth

  • hryx

    “bwam bwam bwaaaamp” – Phubans’ trombone gun

    Looks like a bucket of fun!

  • m.tarini

    As a fan of the Metal Slug series (probably one of the most magnificent achievement of Pixel-Art in action of all times) I am excited to see this title. Especially for the elements of novelty (RPG? gun customization? cool!). At the same time, I have to register that the graphical and overall quality, although visibly very good, does not get anywhere close to match the one of its glorious predecessor (decades older).

    As for the review: probably the words “Metal Slug” should have been cited a lot more often. “Metal Slug” is not just a possible label for the genre to which this game belongs (a “Contra” might be). The style and feel of Mercenary Kings is so similar to the one of the Nazca/SNK masterpiece that the game could more fittingly be called a tribute.

  • krakatoa

    More “fanboy gushing” than “review”.

  • hahawow

    I’m glad TIGSource is accepting articles written by racist MRAs now.
    Isn’t phubans still banned on the forum?

  • Anonymous Coward

    >racist MRAs


  • sfkljsdjk

    he’s a classist shithead who tried to give a brilliant explanation about why poor people should suck it up and has said tons of shitty racist bullshit on the forum. also he’s an acttive poster on Reddit’s MensRights board. enough said.

  • adsdkj

    also searching through his posts on reddit and YT, he has a tendency to argue and whine about why he can’t call black people the N word and how its oppression.

    why the fuck does this site give this guy any attention?

  • David Davidson

    The only one, who is giving him attention, is you.
    Do you see any racism or MRA in this article?
    The article is just about a great Metal Slug-ish game? Racist as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who knows phubans well enough would know you’re full of shit. Also, you can’t even search through people’s posts on YouTube, so that alone is a pretty dead giveaway that you’re a liar. Maybe if you posted with an alias instead of hiding behind anonymity, people could give YOU attention and you could stop being jealous of people you don’t like?

  • David Davidson

    You actually can, but I still fail to see what stupid Youtube comments have to do with a newspost about a cool game.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. I figured out how to do it but I didn’t see anything weird or offensive. Then again, I didn’t go through every single page because he had years worth of comments and I have better shit to do with my time.

  • H E L S

    I’ve only played for a few hours so far but I am loving it. Definitely worth checking out guys. :D

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. I like the sprite work, but the level artwork has nothing on Metal Slug. Metal Slug’s level’s were glorious and distinctive, this looks like blocky tile work.

  • Chris Wagar

    This isn’t a metal slug type game. It’s closer to a megaman type game. it just apes a lot of metal slug’s visual style.

  • Derek Yu

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s very much like Metal Slug or Contra, either. This is much less arcadey and the level design is built more on exploration rather than straight-up action.

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