Prototype: Butcher

By: Derek Yu

On: May 13th, 2015

Butcher, by Transhuman Design

Seems like Transhuman Design has been busy, with multiple games being developed by multiple teams in the group. Best known for their team-versus-team games like Soldat and King Arthur’s Gold, one of their upcoming projects that caught my eye is a gory 2d run n’ gun called Butcher that looks and feels like a gratuitous hybrid of Abuse (the old DOS game by Crack Dot Com), Doom, and Liero. The prototype – a short, three-level demonstration – is available to download for Windows and Linux and is also playable in your browser (Chrome recommended).

  • bart van der voort

    Captain pork’s world of violence meets Quake 1. Plays a little like Atomic Butcher but with more tasteful graphics.

  • german

    Blood gore sweetness

  • Seth Gorden

    OH my! The sounds of suffering. That’s some intense sound design.

  • Macbigicekeys

    I loved this prototype.