Kickstart This: Power Drive 2000

By: Derek Yu

On: May 29th, 2015

The release of the cheesy-fun 80’s action parody Kung Fury is coinciding perfectly with the end of the Kickstarter for Power Drive 2000, an 80’s-inspired drift racer complete with a talking car. The six modes planned all seem to be interesting variations on a time trial (i.e. racing alone or against a ghost), but Megacom Games is also planning offline and online multiplayer, so we’ll see how that works out. With 5 days left to go, Power Drive 2000 is about $15,000 USD shy of reaching its mark, so if you’re a fan of racers, you may want to give it a boost (pun sadly intended).

And also check out Drift Stage, which takes a different stylistic approach to the same genre.

One more Power Drive 2000 video after the jump:

  • bart van der voort

    Ha! Radical! Crazy how the outrun genre is getting major momentum this year.

  • Arethrid

    I love the 80s feel. New Retro is getting stronger.

  • GENIUSInteractive

    Cool trailer. Now about that demo…

  • DxbDev

    It’s an amazing move to bring 80’s game to live.