Kickstart This: Home Free

By: Derek Yu

On: October 14th, 2015

In Kevin Cancienne’s Home Free, you play a lost dog trying to find its way home in the big city. Each city is procedurally-generated, not each time you play, but once for your entire game. Although it’s unclear whether you can really win (by finding home?), lose (by starving?), or restart your game, or what happens when you do, I think this is a pretty cool and bold way to make each player’s game feel personalized.

I’m also impressed by the quality and variety of the dog animations in the game, even in this early pre-alpha stage. Hopefully it’s as fun as it looks to run, jump, and socialize with other canines when the game releases in a year or so.

  • Jacob Jones

    This game looks amazing in a lost bizarre Dreamcast game from your childhood kinda way

  • Jabberwok

    Can you hump things?

  • tgj

    You can do whatever you want, but you’re an animal. Better than doing whatever you want, but you’re a criminal? Seems worse to me.

  • Ryufromstreetfighter

    Why add the intro where the owner never returns? Adds a sadness to the gameplay for me. I would rather just be a stray dog running ’round, humping and shitting as I please.

  • Ryan Szrama

    Looks fantastic. Would be a good one to play with my kids.

  • Enzo

    where i can upload my game ?

  • Marty

    So, you’d prefer a mod to Goat Simulator?

  • Ryufromstreetfighter

    Separation anxiety gives me constipation, so I suppose it is the only solution.

  • nikita

    i like to play kickstart even m at my Job, Thanks for sharing.

  • Denis
  • Jenny Tisdale

    This is my favourite game. It has nice graphic papa’s pizzeria characters.

  • paul Jones