Sports Competition

By: Derek Yu

On: November 14th, 2012

TIGSource Sports Compo

These are the entrants of the TIGSource Sports Competition, which started on November 1st and ended on December. You can find the rules here. You can vote on the entries here.

Astraaal, by Armel J. Gibson and Dziff

Blind Mans Buff – Tournament Edition, by Cowinatub

Blobbyball, by David Williamson

BLOODBALL, by Josh Schonstal, Ian Brock and Guerin McMurry

Bodybuilder: Destroyer of Worlds, by donhilo & felipezille

Boogie Tennis, by Derek Yu (Disqualified from Voting)

By the law of blades, By the ARC Games

Chalk Rugby, by Graham Roberts

Cheering works!, by The Brathering

Chronoball, by Strayrobot

Cloccer, by Capn Lee

Cross Country Running, by Thomas R. Koll

DeTENNIStration, by Bernard Larkin and Greg Power

Digital Donkey Dash, by Muskox

Cycle SPORT, by Phaze

Dog Racing Game, by Logan Ames

Final Fantasy Football, by Ted Martens music by Sos

FLOG, by Louis Acresti

Footbrawl Quest, by Football Quest Team

Freestyle Ball Ball 2013, by Scott Washi and Catherine Arthur

Home Run, by Ben Humphreys, James Shedden and Bob Simpson

Hot-Blood TAG Brawl, by MapiMopi

Jet Bike Polo, by Jet Bike Polo Team

Liars Dice, by Harrison Mansolf

Mini Golf Master, by whilefun

Mosh Pit Game, by bw

Movemball, by Kyle Riley

OddBrawlz, by Ian Danskin

Omegablades!, by No More Entertainment

Orienteer,by Edwin DeNicholas

ParkourParcourse, by Noktai

Pole Vaultage!, by goshki

Post-Apocalyptic Unicorn Marathon, by Gary Haussmann

Pro Psychic Rock Paper Scissors, by Alexandre Szybiak

Screaming Snakeball, by Niall Moody

Siberian Combat, by Murilo

Snowl, by BugBringer

Spwords, by agj

Sugar Loco Wrestling, by Deconstructeam

Tiny Soccer Manager Stories, by Pierrec

Ultimate Sports (in 3D), by panthus

Unicorrida, by Claudio Musumeci, Joshua Skelton

Velodrome, by Matthew Brown

WASTEDROIDS, by Rowdy B Eaton


  • C J Eggett

    Looks like the community has done some excellent work yet again.

  • JoshR

    Is there anyway to download them all in one go? I seem to remember something like that in previous compotitions.

  • Totalsportek Golf Match Live

    Henderson eventually sunk 19 straight bags during his cornhole match. The warehouse manager, who lives in Jackson, Ohio, is the top-ranked cornhole player in the U.S.

  • Rahul Benjamin

    Overall, sports competitions play an important role in promoting physical activity, teamwork, and healthy competition, and are enjoyed by millions of people around the world.