Versus Competition

By: Derek Yu

On: February 16th, 2011

These are the entrants of the TIGSource Versus Competition, which started on January 18th and ended on February 27th. You can find the rules here. You can vote on the entries here.

0space, by Beau Blyth / Teknopants

Adventure Game Interpreter Combat, by klownstein

ALIANTE!, by Santa Ragione

Apple Shampoo, by Initials

Argue Mentor, by David Williamson

ARQA, by Hangedman

Atomic Rushers, by Jibowski, Ouid & Wolivar

Ballin’, by Magnum Opus

The Battle for Planet Goonob, by Ashley Gwinnell/Ricky Haggett

Battle Lines, by Brad ‘kavs’ Kavanagh

Battle Mode, by Pipedream Vaporware

BEST GAM!1, by mokesmoe

Brigands, by Ryan Kamins

Carniverse (Carnivale Universe)

Casbah, by Fluff

Crevice Climbers, by Charles Elwonger

A Cure for Friendship, by Pencil in Pain

Dawn of the Pixel, by RadiationBlur

Demipong, by Guilherme S. Töws

Digs, by Pavle Mihajlovic

Dodgeball From Hell, by Tzach Shabtay

Dolls Master, by RedSnake

DreamGirls’ Duel, by Michael Kelley and OmegaZX

Droids, by CaptainBinky

En Garde!, by Türbo Bröther and NathanielEdwards

Exuberant Struggle, by Michael Brough

Fisticuffs: A Gentleman’s Quarrel, by Cory Hunt

FreedomGone: A New World Order, by Sam Garcia

Friendly Fire, by Andrew McKellar and Krisanna McKellar

Frudglebutt, by Sophie Houlden

Gasbags at Dawn, by Will Vale

Godface, by Goldbuick,Myron,Brograbs

House of Baffle, by J. Kyle Pittman

Jesus vs. Dinosaurs, by Petri Purho and Martin Jonasson

Jet Pack Shooty Men, by Man of Doom

Jules & Verne: Race to the Center of the Earth, by Reiss & Ive

JumpTheGun, by Aaron Santiago, Jackson Read, and Jared Otto

Kaya Loves Mushrooms, by Metal Snail Idea Workshop

Legend of Zelda: A Link To Kick Ass, by Nathaniel Sabanski

Low Bitrate Fighters, by Nicolai Troshinsky

Macig – The Gambling, by Björn Olsson

Masjin, by Arvi Teikari

Mineswiper, by cystem glitch

Missile Mayhem, by Bsquang Games ( Full credits ingame )

Mustering the Titans, by Gary Haussmann

Orbitrail, by William David Hunt

Parachute Forbidden Love, by Iain M. Crawford

Pencerkoff Starship, by Pencerkoff

Pressers of Mental Arithmetic, by ham and brie

Push vs. Shove, by Kenny Backus

PvB, by Nouveau303

Quake Pong, by Conroy Bogle

Ragrowster, by Logan Ames

Railroad Duel, by Michal Stanisz

Real Time Chess, by Sos

Rebound, by Sean A. and LeChatDeMaison

Robotic Melee, by Zoltam

Rungeons and Tageons, by M. Schneider and Z. Lazarus

RushedSquare, by Conker

Slug League, by Jarkko Matilainen and Eino Keskitalo

Shmup Fighter, by Gary Dahl

The Snap, by Andrew McClure

Sototogbbb, by CaptainBinky

SpaceApe Battles, by Björn Olsson

Space Sushi, by Kyle Pulver

Spelling Wizard, by Ryavis and Kazerad

StandOff, by RSD, Ardent Sideburn and Vidvi

Super Cake Fight, by Elephant Kiss?

Super Gem Brawl X Championship Edition, by Arthur Zeferino

Task Manager, by Olli Harjola

Tetris Fight Club, by Alan Hazelden

Thubalup Thubalup Thump Crack Whump, by goshki

TKtics, by David Pittman

Trans-Dimensional Dash, by mokesmoe

turtybut, by Miles Drummond

Type Runner, by Built by Man

Uncivil, by Jonas Olmstead and Daniel Bristow-Bailey

Volcano Brothers, by Krishna “indieus” Israney

Yourglass: A Game of Giving, by Scio

X-Bones, by Chevy Ray Johnston

Xoters, by The Twosday Coder

  • Jest

    Any chance of a compilation torrent or some such thing? Pretty intense amount of entries. XD

  • Matej Jan

    Wow, this are some interesting games. Can't wait to get off this iPad and try Railroad Duel.

  • Medo

    I have a zip file of everything prepared, will upload once I'm home from work (~7 hours from now)

  • Snow

    Talk about talented. Beautiful artwork. Good work guys. Looking forward to playing these. :D

  • Medo

    I'm uploading the complete pack, but since it's pretty big (~500MiB) it will take at least an hour before you can grab it.

  • cougarten

    thanks a lot medo! *waiting unpatiently*

  • Medo

    The pack is up. Not sure how to mark up the link in Disqus, so I'll just post it plain:

  • doosh

    Wow, your on ipad? ME TOO LOL!!! <3

  • Holi Colo

    will try them all, but with an azerty european keyboard , most of your game are a pain in the ass to test :(
    take this in consideration for future games?

  • Medo

    Holi Colo, you can usually switch to the english qwerty layout (and back) by pressing Alt-Shift. Very handy for situations like this.

  • Razz

    Holy shit, you guys rock! Lots of great artwork and gameplay here. Cheers!

  • dave

    It’s very much like meeting another gay person in a straights-only bar.

  • Anonymous

    What about Minecraft PvP Arena?