Preview: Fighting is Magic

By: Derek Yu

On: July 25th, 2012

My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic is a fighting fan game that’s currently under development. Created using 2d Fighter Maker 2002, MLP:FIM will eventually feature 17 ponies from the popular animated show. Each character has its own unique movelist that includes launchers and special magic attacks. The developers have said the game, which uses four buttons, most closely resembles Marvel vs. Capcom in design.

No release date for the game has been set, nor is any demo currently available. However, you can watch a two-hour stream after the cut (taken from this year’s Evolution fighting game tournament):

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  • Zack Z.

    Minecraft ripoff!

  • godfuckingdamnit

    Jesus christ, Derek.

    Are you a brony too now? I’m not going to ever use this site again. You’re dead to me now.

  • incomingshitstorm

    Dear god.

  • dyxjbronies

    i am a brony and i disapprove

  • Zednaut

    I was under the impression that it was called Fighting is Magic?

  • Evan Balster

    Quiet, everyone, or they’ll quit paying top dollar for our bundles. :P Besides, it can’t be worse than the panda incident.

    Honestly, though, it looks like a hell of a lot of effort went into this, compared to a lot of the MUGEN stuff I’ve seen around. It looks very polished.

  • Derek Yu

    Geez, you’re right! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I love you right now.

  • Anonymous

    It’s one of the few games in fan-gaming that looks incredibly good _and_ is looking like it will actually be finished.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, throw a temper tantrum because a project with a lot of effort and thought going into it is getting attention. That’s the correct way to behave.

  • Tanner Hendrickson

    This thread is gonna be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    InB4 moany, insecure haters!

  • Monsty

    Here’s also a shorter video for those who don’t want to watch 2 hours of content, it does a great job showing it off!

  • pfft.

    Anyone who uses the term ‘brony’ willingly is beyond help.

  • Anonymous

    Says the guy who is trying to remain anonymous so the tigsource community can’t identify him for his ruffian, bigoted ways!

  • BearKiller

    Not a fan of the show but I gotta say this does look pretty damn good. Seems like a ton of effort was put into this. Attacks are pretty fluid and the animations are pretty spot on. I cringe giving something MLP themed a star and a good rating but I’ll admit when I see a good game and give praise when its deserved. Well done.

  • Zednaut

    Happy to help!

  • News

    you misspelled ‘Furryhunter’

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  • Paul Hubans

    *shakes fist* Derrrrrrrrrrrekkkk!!!!!!!

  • sly

    insecure hater reporting in. Get some meds, and stay away from Kids please.

  • guest

    Aren’t they going to get horrendously sued / at the very least cease and desisted? Or are Ponies exempt from copyright infringement?

  • ThemsAllTook

    They’re not taking any money, even donations from what I hear. Hasbro is also famously lenient with its copyrights in this area, so a little bit of infringement usually won’t land you in hot water with them, as long as you’re not uploading full episodes of the show to YouTube.

  • Pfft.

    wait, me? Uh no, I go by Pfft. (@pfft_) and I shot a lot of interviews of devs including Derek for design3 before they went under. Now I’m doing dev myself. I think the term “brony” is really stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Saying “I think the term is stupid” is very different from “anyone who uses it is beyond help”. You can have your own opinions but claiming someone is “helpless” or “wrong” for having a different one is irrational and overwhelmingly arrogant. I don’t really like the term either but I don’t prance around calling people idiots for using it.

  • Pat Flannery

  • Anonymous

    Oh you! You wouldn’t be the first to point that out.

  • Pat Flannery


  • Pat Flannery

  • Pat Flannery

    Jeez, sorry everyone for the double posting….disqus was going nuts on my end :( anyway, don’t get your feelings hurt, yeah it was a BIT dramatic of me. You’re right…anyone who uses the term is NOT literally beyond help. I just think they sound dumb using it. Sorry Furyhunter, thought this was the internet…where I can slightly exaggerate things/make a joke like everyone else. Oh, and you are trolling quite a bit more than myself…no one threw a “temper tantrum” up above…etc…

  • News

    also avoid animals

  • Barold

    I think bronies are annoying and I don’t see the appeal of MLP. But this looks like a solid fighting game.

  • dundun

    thank you for making it clear how much of a faggot you are derek

  • fuck bronies 2012

    he is a furry, why would he be hunting them

  • Jay Sherby

    Hey, remember when My Little Pony was just a bunch of cheap plastic dolls with cheap plastic hair? We didn’t know how good we had it back then.

  • Jay Sherby

    Looks better than it has any right to be. But it needs more blood.

  • _sallami

    MLP sucks and if you watch it you are either stupid or a little kid. Nothing wrong with boys watching it, no problem there. If you are a grown man, though, hopefully you have gained enough wisdom and intellect to realize how boring this show actually is.

  • GreenZ

    Actually, more than that as every single, full episode is on youtube and pretty much no action is taken on Hasbro’s part to stop it; they fully endorse the brony community in pretty much every way possible.

  • Exa

    the best part of these comments: people who care far too much about something they don’t like, yet are unable to do anything about it other than sling hollow insults over the internet.

    god I love impotent rage.

  • Nandito

    Came here expecting rage. Did not disappoint.

    Discord approves!

  • John Harris

    Unfortunately, this is not quite true — there have been episode takedowns and Cease & Desists sent out before.

  • Ronald Poppe

    (MLP sucks and if you watch…) Start by doing that before forming a opinion.

  • Xeddrief

    True, but as far as I’m aware Hasbro’s policy in this matter is that they are legally obligated to send C&D’s if someone lodges a formal complaint with them about the item in question. If they have no ‘official’ knowledge of it, then they usually look the other way. Bronies bring them a lot of money in with the merchandise they buy so they are pretty lenient when it comes to this kind of thing.

  • Filipe Barreiros

    We need more people like you on the internet. Thank you.

  • fuck furries 2012

    people being disgusted that you fuck ponies isn’t unusual.

  • ewfurriesaregross

    angry furries leave a million paragraphs complaining about society shunning them trying to act passive 2012 turbo ponyfucker edition

  • Andrew

    Dear God, just look at all those haters. Just look at them. Look as they ridiculously moan, throw slurs and talk off-topic. And they say that bronies are rabid.
    And i’m not even a brony.

  • Sidney Ahlin

    In the same way that videogame fans fuck cartridges and Star Trek fans fuck Klingons?

    Also, people are disgusted by a lot of things. I don’t personally see any point in giving a shit about what people fap too, it’s their choice. I dunno why people like you have such dire need to whine and care so much about what people masturbate too?

    Are you some sort of sexual deviant?

  • gayangryfurrycriesatme

    that’s a lot of words, who is angry again

  • TrueMyHeart

    Well, the FAQ at their website says that ”
    Fighting is Magic contains old-school cartoon slapstick, but doesn’t go any further than that. You won’t see any kind of gore, blood, or “realistic” violence in the game.” So, they’ll just beat each other up like they would in the show.

  • Eeeyup
    Well, we all know Fluttershy is ready for this!

  • yresyrteh

    fuck man i know but you can geet all sorts of cool hentai games a zone-archive(dot)com

  • Martin Leykauf

    Buck yes.

  • Martin Leykauf

    Whats up with all the butthurt here?

  • JoseG

    This game looks awesome, I can’t wait until it is released.

  • Shattubatu

    I heard that this Cease and Desists for the episodes on youtube were actually done by “anti-bronies” trying to troll by imitating Hasbro and getting the episodes removed.

  • SomeGamer

    Not a brony, but I just love how the “hater’s” arguments below are “HURR IF YOU LIKE THIS SHOW UR A FURRY/STUPID/CHILD AND YOU FUCK PONIES HURR DURR”.
    I don’t think i’ve seen such a circlejerk with “insults” in all my life. You’re more retarded than you claim bronies to be.
    That being said, I don’t think i’ve seen a fan made game that looks this polished. Well done developers!

  • ThemsAllTook

    @Shattubatu: There was a lot of confusion about that. At this point, at least some of the takedown notices are known to have originated from Hasbro. From what I could tell, the pattern was that they’d usually issue takedown notices for reuploaded iTunes rips, but would leave the ones with the Hub watermark alone.

  • SomeoneWithHalfABrain

    Let’s see here…
    A- You never watched it and are assuming it’s bad, therefore argument invalid.
    B- You HAVE watched it and qualify as stupid or a little kid.
    The flaws in your post. There are many.

  • niarBAflaHhtiWenoemoS

    No no no. You see, there’s a difference between bronies and furries. The main difference is that bronies aren’t stupid while furries are. Oh, and the furries are almost entirely centered around porn.

  • PonyFuckerExtraordinaire

    We bronies have a nasty habit of fucking every pony we see. Some even go out of their way to find ponies to fuck. I have a cousin out in Tennessee who owns a large horse ranch, and he invites me to come fuck his ponies for him. After spending so much time fucking ponies, I began growing a horn, which I used to fuck more ponies. Through concentration and focused study (and more pony fucking) I eventually mastered the ancient magic of teleportation, so I immediately sent myself to Equestria, where I continued my rabid pony fucking rampage. Then Celestia came and…
    Well, long story short, I’m not allowed in Equestria anymore.
    And I think a green pony with a hand fetish followed me to our dimension. Whoops. My bad.

  • Sidney Ahlin

    If you truly believe that the amount of words measures the anger of a person… Well, I would probably be somewhat concerned about your intellectual capabilities if that were the case.

    I just pray you don’t actually get into a live debate on TV, it would be rather embarrassing to see a grown man shout “YOU MAD?” whenever someone calmly explains something or tries to make a point.

  • Nimh

    I´m not into fighting games a lot, but I´m already really curious about this; these people put a lot of hard work and passion into it and want it to be perfect. Ponies or no ponies, I´m going to give this a try for sure.

  • ThemsAllTook

    I know you’re joking, but that’s not entirely inaccurate.

  • SpikeyWikey

    The kind of thread of which I dreamed since I was small.

  • Keiya

    Everybody will gather ’round, say I look faggy and have downs

    (I’m making fun of the repetitive insults while warping the lyrics to a song from the show on which Fighting is Magic is based. Don’t mind me. :P)

  • angryfurrycriesamillionwords

    it’s embarrassing you have to type books about pony fucking

  • News

    SomeFurfag pony wanker

  • News

    drank the flava-AIDS

  • News

    bawling butthurt bambino

  • News

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  • News

    explains his jokes

  • News

    IMAX-tier projection

  • Spider Dijon

    Ponies = worst funny trend ever. Looking forward to 2013 when the net got over it.

  • Monsty

    So salty this one.

  • News

    grown man cartoons

  • linger

    Insecure hipsters, everywhere.

  • Space

    I see your downs syndrome is doing well today. Did mommy say you could use the computer?

  • NailBombed

    Pray for the day when everyone grows out of this crap. It’s a plague.

  • Lyn Prayre

    I swear, these haters…

  • Sidney Ahlin

    I doubt you even read books. Though I suppose you’re getting desperate as you know you really can’t counter my argument due to the simple fact that the current topic of this discussion is an objective one.

    Search your feelings, you know it to be true, don’t let your anger and hate blind you.

  • John Harris

    I don’t think this is quite how copyright law works. Trademarks have to be defended or else they get diluted, but it is actually hard to lose copyright unless you willfully sign it away, declare it public domain or you create it as a “work for hire.”

    However, it is also a mistake to think that Hasbro is a single entity with a single mind. There are probably multiple people in the company who have the power to initiate takedowns.

    In any event, there are many fan games and this is the one with the most positive buzz. Hasbro would face a severe fan backlash if they went after it.

    I’m on the edges of the pony fandom myself, and I think the most interesting thing about all this is how fan culture is running directly up against corporate culture. I think important questions are going to be answered soon about what “rights” fans can expect regarding their participation in using elements of a copyrighted work, and if it informs a lot of bronies about the nature of copyright and gives them an incentive to change the system for the better, then Hail Celestia.

  • Anonymous

    can’t find anything better to do on the internet than complain about people’s interests

  • News

    meta complaining girlchild

  • Anonymous

    neckbearded bigot with a bad attitude

  • Diode

    I’m not a fan of the series in the slightest, but I must say this looks really, really well done.

  • Richard Viet Nguyen

    I’m sick to death of hearing about ponies from this side to 4chan. So whatever, have fun I guess.

  • Maxim

    Now uh, I’m not into 1-on-1 fighters or ponies, but you can’t really argue against this being front page material! It is pretty impressive design.

    Same with the discussion, bronies and anti-bronies alike. Thanks for the laughs, guys! Now I think I’m gonna go watch one of those Three Stooges episodes that ends in a pie fight.

  • Renaud B.

    those combos wouldn’t be out of place in a Blazblue/GG game

  • Faust kicks ass

    And why would we care what *you’re* sick to death about?

  • Sammy

    Who else thinks this game is better than FEZ?

  • Burger Man

    I do. Fez is just a boring game with a gimmick.. kind of like Braid. In short, FEZ just.. sucks.

  • Richard Viet Nguyen

    I don’t know; why are haters going all over this article? Why are bronies doing their best to defend the series? Why the hell are you even bothering replying to me when there’s much better troll bait just a scroll away.

  • Anonymous

    It also came from YouTube’s automatic take-down system. If there are enough copyright infringement reports on a video, it is automatically taken off the listing and can’t be viewed by anyone but the uploader.

  • News

    mere half brain

  • News


  • Maxim

    Shooting Fish in a barrel stopped being fun long ago. That Fish has already been hung out to dry.

  • News

    archetypal omega male

  • Soukuw

    God I hope you’re being sarcastic.

  • Zecks

    haha what

  • Antymattar

    Came here because of the comment count(>:])People keep talking about haters… Cmon, I dont really like MLP but I like adventure time and I like other shows. Give it a rest.

  • gethype

    Amazing game. Amazing show (MLP and Adventure Time are the best shows on TV right now!).
    An early version of the game did actually leak from a tester.

  • ugh

    this is why i don’t check tigsource any more…