gamma bros

By: dessgeega

On: June 5th, 2006

gamma bros is a gorgeously chunky game about two tiny pixel people trying to get home to their families in time for dinner. developed in flash, it plays with both windows and macintosh users.


the game plays like robotron versus galaga. getting close to your enemies increases your firing speed, and you can “tag” in your brother if your own ship takes too much damage. the game is intended to be played in one long session that moves seamlessly between screens of enemies, bosses and bonus rounds, and there are some lovely rewards for finishing it.

gamma bros is by “neo-retro games” developer pixeljam. the game is freeware, but they would love you to support them by way of a donation.

  • kyle

    this game is so lovely. everyone, please be encouraged to make games like this, lots.

  • Sergio

    I love it when even the title screen has had work and care put into it.

  • AlecXander

    I really liked it, although I died right at the end (I assume it was the end) annoyingly, and it was just long enough to discourage me from playing it all the way again

    Great game though, very sweet.

  • miles tilmann

    use the passwords golvl2 and golvl3 to start the game from…. level 2 and 3 :) then you wont have to play all the way through…

    although if you dont play it from the beginning, you may miss some surprises….

  • robo

    Amazing game. All must play.

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