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Super Space Rubbish

By: Derek Yu

On: June 7th, 2011

Slakinov’s Super Space Rubbish is a challenging Asteroids-like that has you mining the ‘roids for credits that can be used to buy upgrades for your ship. Aside from a gun, your ship comes equipped with a shield that deflects bullets and asteroids, and incapacitates smaller enemies. It drains energy quickly, though, so you’ll need good timing to use it properly. Overall, Super Space Rubbish is a fun and attractive shoot ’em up, and the $5 bundle is a steal – it comes with the game’s soundtrack as well as Pixeljam’s Dino Run SE. Play the demo right in your browser.

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Cream Wolf

By: Derek Yu

On: February 18th, 2010

Cream Wolf

Pixeljam (Gamma Bros., Dino Run) and messhof (Flywrench, Punishment), have teamed up to create a new “8-bit Rejects” game for Adult Swim. It’s called Cream Wolf.

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Mountain Maniac

By: Derek Yu

On: December 17th, 2009

Mountain Maniac

In Mountain Maniac you play a disgruntled mountain man terrorist who uses his axe to rain boulders down on the cities below. You also play the boulder, which is nice, because it’s the one having all the fun, really. Like most Pixeljam games (Gamma Bros., Dino Run), MM is filled with all kinds of neat details that really bring it to life. I just wish there were more, even challenging-er mountains to go nuts on.

According to Pixeljam’s blog, the game was made for Adult Swim as a series called “The 8-bit Rejects”. They’ve released one other game in the series, called Sausage Factory, and there are two more on the way – Turbo Granny and Cream Wolf. Sausage Factory is fun, too, but not as cool as Mountain Maniac, in my opinion. I’m really looking forward to Cream Wolf, though.

(Source: Valter!)

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Dino Run

By: Derek Yu

On: May 6th, 2008

Dino Run

Pixeljam, the creators of Gamma Bros. and the Ratmaze games, have released Dino Run, the latest in their series of low-resolution Flash titles! The basic premise is that you are a little dinosaur escaping extinction! Run, run (and jump), as fast as you can to the end of each level before the “Wall of Doom” engulfs you.

This game’s a real charmer. Each of the 7 levels is meticulously rendered in beautiful lo-fi, with lots of little details that you will probably be too busy running past to notice. Along the way you’ll get to snack on birds, lizards, and fish, grab rides with pterodactyls, and discover lots of alternate passageways and secret nooks. Other dinosaurs that are fleeing the destruction will hinder you, help you, or just plain die at the hands of crashing meteors and other dangers – the entire atmosphere is kind of dreadful, in a really cute way.

There are quite a few extra features, like dino DNA upgrades, unlockable speedrun levels, various difficulty settings, and even a multiplayer online mode that lets you race against other dinos. A small donation will get you a Dino Run Bonus Package which lets you customize your dino’s look, among other things. Do eet – this game is really cool!

(Source: Tim, via the blog)

Age of the (Fucking) Dinosaurs

By: Derek Yu

On: March 21st, 2008

1up review of Flashbang Studio’s Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, featuring Mr. Scott Sharkey and Mr. Cesar Quintero. Gotta love how aggro (i.e. drunk) Scott is!

Testing the long-necked, small-brained physics for Flashbang’s next game, Jetpack Brontosaurus. Be sure to check out the new concept art on the site, as well!


Dinowaurs – 2d dino on dino combat. Wear helmets, fire rockets, and command helpless cavemen to do your bidding (or kill them)! Coming soon.

Dino Run

And finally, Dino Run, a new single and multiplayer online platformer from the creators of Gamma Bros.!

Proof positive that, though dinosaurs may not rule the Earth any more, they still rule… our hearts_. Now if only the mainstream game industry follow suit and make a new Rage">Primal Rage game! (Dead serious here.)

PIxeljam’s Pixel Art in Photoshop Tutorial

By: Derek Yu

On: March 7th, 2008

I Love Bees

Pixeljam‘s Rich Grillotti, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at GDC this year, wrote me to let me know that Part 3 (the final part) of his “”“>Creating Minimal Pixel Art with Photoshop” tutorials for, is now up. The tutorial is a great introduction to both pixel art and Photoshop, for the non-artist. Plus it’s filled with all manner of fun little examples!

Their latest masterpiece-in-progress, Dino Jam, should be coming out soon.

Ratmaze 2

By: Derek Yu

On: June 15th, 2007

Ratmaze 2

Doctor Derek Doctors (no relation) writes:

“”">Ratmaze 2!

Wasn’t that keen on the first one, but this is really fast paced and nicely animated with some cool little puzzle elements. Surprisingly playable given the simplicity of it."

I agree. Apparently, being a rat in a maze isn’t that bad. So it’s time to stop feeling sorry for those little bastards.

EDIT: Timmy’s posted a full map of the game.

IGF Winners

By: Tim

On: March 7th, 2007


(Source: Kotaku, Joystiq)

Winners in bold.

Student Showcase finalists are:
Base invaders, Invalid Tangram, Opera Slinger, Gelatin Joe, And Yet it Moves, Toblo, Euclidean Crisis, The Ball of Bastards, The Blob

Excellence in Audio finalists:
Aquaria, Bone: The Great Cow Race, Everyday Shooter, Fizzball, Racing Pitch

Finalists for Excellence in Visual Arts:
Aquaria, Golf?, Samorost 2, Castle Crashers, Roboblitz

The finalists for Design Innovation Awards:
Aquaria, Everyday Shooter, Armadillo Run, Toblo

Finalists for Technical Excellence:
Arcane Legions: A Rising Shadow, Armada Online, Bang! Howdy, Blast Miner, Band of Bugs

Best Web Browser Game finalists:
Bubble Islands, Gamma Bros., Samorost 2

Indie GameTap award. The three winners of this prize will share $50,000 and have their game published on the service.

First runner up: Blast Miner
Winner: Everyday Shooter

The Audience Award winner is Castle Crashers.

The Darwinia team introduces the finalists for this year’s SMAs:
Armadillo Run
Bang! Howdy
Everyday Shooter

And the winner this year is: Aquaria.

Quote Gamespot:

The 2007 Game of the Year prize went to Aquaria, the previously unhonored 2D fantasy game from indie shop Bit Blot. After stumbling verbally, one of its designers admitted, “This is a terrible speech.” But the massive applause proved the audience didn’t really care.

gamma bros

By: dessgeega

On: June 5th, 2006

gamma bros is a gorgeously chunky game about two tiny pixel people trying to get home to their families in time for dinner. developed in flash, it plays with both windows and macintosh users.


the game plays like robotron versus galaga. getting close to your enemies increases your firing speed, and you can “tag” in your brother if your own ship takes too much damage. the game is intended to be played in one long session that moves seamlessly between screens of enemies, bosses and bonus rounds, and there are some lovely rewards for finishing it.

gamma bros is by “neo-retro games” developer pixeljam. the game is freeware, but they would love you to support them by way of a donation.