Excellent Bifurcation

By: Albert Lai

On: March 15th, 2007


In case you were not in the know, the Shmup-Dev
Autofire 2007 competition
has finished! Clean
comes in first, Excellent Bifurcation (which you may recognize from
the title of this post) comes in second, Force
comes in third, Blessed comes in fourth, and, finally, Gravitron

Excellent Bifurcation
is really an excellent game which, unfortunately, has not been brought to the
attention of TIGSource readers.

The premise is this: You have two ships. The government sends one into another
dimension and keeps the other one. You’re forced to pilot both simultaneously.

Now, it’s not as bad as it sounds (or, depending on what you have been thinking,
it’s worse). Both ships are ‘tied’ to each other. Where one ship is on one screen,
the other ship is on the other. If one dies, both die. Did I mention they were
unique? One is a ‘heavy and powerful’ ship, the other is ‘fast and small’ ship.
You can switch them between screens at will.

On the plus side, the levels are marginally easier than normal, and there are
plenty of delicious upgrades available, which change in form depending on type,
the ship that collects it, and the amount of powerups you have. What happens
if you have the maxed level of a weapon? Who knows? I certainly don’t!

Excellent Bifurcation is a most excellent game to improve your peripheral vision.
Personally, I have developed the habit of staring at a person’s right ear whenever
I talk to them. It’s all right, I’ve already made a lot of new friends. Lost
many more, but in the end it works out.

  • notfuckingjill4eva

    lol yeah this is one fucking cool game. anyone who doesn’t get it needs to fuck off lol

    some minor mistake there albert… smup :D

  • caffeinekid

    Great game title! Mediocre Bifurcation wouldn’t have had quite the same ring to it. ;)

    Congratulations to all the shmup comp winners – some top games there.

  • UltramanNexus

    This is insane. I get it alright, this is asylum material.
    Im not saying its bad in anyway. But this will put you on suicide watch.

  • http://www.arsecast.com DrDerekDoctors

    How can one be described as “fast and small” in relation to the other if their positions in either screen are linked?

    Also, I farkin’ hated this game. The reason I have two eyeballs in my head is for stereoscopic vision, thankyou, not so that I can be asked to keep an eye on two separate screens at once.

  • #

    lol you hate all shmups, GG. ;)

  • Poli

    It’s an interesting idea though, I must say. But I found it a little hard to play too.

  • http://www.arsecast.com DrDerekDoctors

    That’s a fair point, certainly, #. ;)

  • http://www.joy90.co.uk Moschops

    I kinda enjoyed this in a sadistic way. I managed to get through it on easy mode but on normal it was just too much for me to cope with.

    That and the damn evil thing taking away all your powerups if you die, thus causing a downward spiral of death and frustration :(

    But fair play to the developer for daring to challenge us with more than we should reasonably be asked to cope with. So many games are a bit on the easy side whereas this is as hard as nails and proud of it.

    good stuff :)