Ratmaze 2

By: Derek Yu

On: June 15th, 2007

Ratmaze 2

Doctor Derek Doctors (no relation) writes:

“”http://www.pixeljam.com/ratmaze2/">Ratmaze 2!

Wasn’t that keen on the first one, but this is really fast paced and nicely animated with some cool little puzzle elements. Surprisingly playable given the simplicity of it."

I agree. Apparently, being a rat in a maze isn’t that bad. So it’s time to stop feeling sorry for those little bastards.

EDIT: Timmy’s posted a full map of the game.

  • MattC

    I see you copied his “website” link from the forums.

    Neat game though. I need more playtime to get some sort of path of movement around the maze.

  • Rz.

    is that link a picture of DDD?! I’M FEELING GIDDY

  • BenH

    He’s very…round. and small :x

  • Derek

    Oops, I did not mean to reveal DDD’s secret identity as a small pixel planet.

  • John H.

    The game is fun, but it’s quite annoying that sometimes you get the bonus round after getting all the cheese, and sometimes you don’t, which no clues as to why. It’s quite infuriating, in fact.

    Also: sometimes the pool puzzle breaks (you pocket all but the black ball but the letter doesn’t appear and the doors don’t open), and sometimes the door to the ‘Z’ room closes with you on the wrong side of it.

    These issues need to be resolved, but setting those aside, this is surprisingly addictive.

  • moi

    I think he lost a bit of the simplicity of the first game here. But still great .
    I love PixelJam games.

  • mitch

    in the original maze there’s a secret room with a boom box and a link to the music mp3 ..

    it’s in the far right yellow section, walk through the first wall on the right, between the two ‘sand’ parts

  • Miles (Pixeljam)

    I uploaded a new version to our site (and other major flash portals) that should fix this bug that john H described (game crapping out at the end).