Lost in the Static

By: Derek Yu

On: November 14th, 2007

Lost in the Static

Lost in the Static is essentially a very cut-and-dry platform game based on Squidi’s White Noise game concept. Yes, that is an actual in-game screenshot (at least, part of one – not that it matters!). Everything, from the title screen onwards, looks like that.

While it’s a very interesting visual experiment, the game itself isn’t too captivating – just move from one room to the next and dodge stuff. I think there’s a lot more that can be done with this idea, certainly!

(Source: Intentionally Wrong, via The Gamer’s Quarter forums)

  • Carlz0r

    ugh… the constant motion and making my eyes see the level kinda puts my brain in this worn-out depressed funk..

    But at least I can say I’ve tried it.

  • haowan

    I played all the way through it… I liked the music. Everything looked pretty clear and sharp after playing this :D

  • seregrail7

    It’s an incredibly basic platformer that hurts my eyes to play.

  • Benzido

    It’s kind of a nifty idea but the execution seemed kind of lazy. Plus yeah, it made me feel sick (then again, so does playing HL2:E2 with the gnome constantly stuck in my field of view)

  • raigan

    i was really hoping it would be an autostereogram 3D game.. damn it!

  • HandCraftedRadio

    I think the game is fine how it is. I don’t think its worth spending a lot of time working on a game that 90% of the audience quit at the begining because it makes them sick and the other 10% barf after playing. It’s a cool idea but a game like this is probably better off staying simple.

  • http://www.awesomenessinabox.com David

    I’m pretty sure the author said it was a 4-day experiment over on Independent Gaming, so don’t raze it too bad for being somewhat simplistic. I personally think it’s a pretty cool concept to try, even if only for the amusement I get out of the futility of trying to take a meaningful screenshot of the darn thing.

  • Shih Tzu

    Hey, wait, I see the rocket ship now!

    Raigan: Actually, Bullfrog’s Magic Carpet had a graphics mode that purportedly did that. I never got it to work.

  • Pragma

    Normally, I’d complain that the music was full of static, pops and clicks… but I guess it fits.

    I found the steadily scrolling background on some screens fairly vertigo-inducing.

  • muted

    it’s a sail boat!!

  • Matt

    As an experiment, it seems pretty successful. I can’t see many players being able to handle much more than presented. But after emerging from the static my high resolution monitor seems really clear.

  • Si

    Few obstacles, virtually no encounters, just a haze of black/white pixels. Bit of a poor game really.

  • Carlz0r

    muted said about 7 hours later:

    it’s a sail boat!!

    lol.. Mall Rats.

  • I Like Cake
  • Richard

    It didn’t help my headache, but… Everything looks so perfect now!

  • Sergio

    Hey! There’s green in that screenshot!

  • Secret Admirer

    In a LCD screen you can actually see pretty clearly