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Lost in the Static

By: Derek Yu

On: November 14th, 2007

Lost in the Static

Lost in the Static is essentially a very cut-and-dry platform game based on Squidi’s White Noise game concept. Yes, that is an actual in-game screenshot (at least, part of one – not that it matters!). Everything, from the title screen onwards, looks like that.

While it’s a very interesting visual experiment, the game itself isn’t too captivating – just move from one room to the next and dodge stuff. I think there’s a lot more that can be done with this idea, certainly!

(Source: Intentionally Wrong, via The Gamer’s Quarter forums)

Negative Yang

By: Derek Yu

On: September 24th, 2007

yin space

Everyone remembers Squidi’s attempt at 300 game ideas, right? Sadly cut short to 60 games, but still an admirable effort.

Well, y’all, it looks like we’ve got a little indie internet drama going on, as Nitrome’s latest flash title, Yin Yang, looks a wee bit similar to Squidi’s first game idea, Negative Space. Okay, maybe a little more than a wee bit. More like, if you shaved Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s heads and stripped them naked, would you be able to tell which was which? No, because you’d be throwing up. Zing!

In all seriousness, though, here are the facts:

1. Nitrome is claiming they came up with the idea on their own. They are, unsurprisingly, supported by Jay of Jay is Games, and the Jay disciples.

2. Squidi did, in fact, say that his game ideas could be used without credit.

3. Squidi raised a bit of a stink over it, however, both on his blog, and on the Jay is Games site.

4. One thing he claims is that MTV contacted him about his 300 game ideas long before Yin Yang was released. (MTV hired Nitrome to create Yin Yang.)

5. Jay is now threatening libel for a (rather innocuous, imo) quote from Squidi’s blog.

Hit the extended for my very serious opinions:

1. Nitrome totally got the idea from Squidi. Seriously, look at this other screenshot comparison if you’re still not convinced. (This is an opinion.)

2. But Squidi should just drop the whole darn thing before it blows up in his face like with Penny Arcade. He gave the rights to his idea away willingly. Let others argue for him, if need be. (This is an opinion.)

3. Jay is really, really scary! He seems like he could tear out your throat at the drop of a hat. It’s even scarier because Jay is Games is such a “friendly” place on the surface. Reminds me of church, or Disneyland. (This is an opinion.)

4. Yin Yang is pretty fun, regardless of where the idea came from. (This is an opinion.)

5. DISCUSS. (This is a suggestion!)


By: Derek Yu

On: July 1st, 2007

Squidi Numba Fiddy

Squidi has ended his “”">300 game ideas in 300 days" project at 50 ideas, citing irreconcilable differences with his audience as the cause.

I feel for him, I really do, but hey, if you’re going to make something legendary, you have to be willing to put up with people. No matter what, there’re always going to be the ones who don’t like what you do or don’t think you did it right… that’s the nature of art and it will never change! You gotta have a thick skin in this business.

In the end, for every person who criticized him about the project, there were probably hundreds that really got a lot out of it and were excited to see him reach 300, myself included. It’s too bad.

EDIT: Squidi’s reply in the extended…

Hi guys. Just wanted to clear up some misunderstanding. I did not quit the three hundred ideas because of the audience. For the most part, I’ve never had a more supportive and attentive audience. I quit the three hundred because I posted a an old blog without doing a real entry (#49). At that point, I had failed the challenge by my definition of what that challenge was. So, I decided that it was now time to start working towards implementation.
However, I was planning on sharing that implementation process with people, so they could see my progress and get some insight into the development process. But I realized really quickly that I could not share that process without the process becoming affected by it. I could not even announce my intention to use Objective-C without a dozen people trying to talk me out of it. Doing something this complex is difficult enough without have to defend every decision made along the way.
I’ve decided to create in silence.

Three Hundred

By: Derek Yu

On: May 30th, 2007

Negative Space Wars

No, it’s not what you think! Sean Howard, aka “Squidi,” has embarked upon a noble quest:

“Simply put, a challenge to myself. Every day for three hundred days, I will post a gameplay mechanic that has (hopefully) never been seen in a commercial video game. Three hundred mechanics. No more. No less.”

Wow! He’s already 21 days into it, and it’s a super interesting read, and best of all the ideas are all illustrated with Squidi’s inimitable (heh heh) pixel style. All the ideas are free for anyone to use, also. I love it. Keep going, Squidi!

(Source: selectbutton)