The Expelations of The Little Green Pod Man

By: Terry

On: December 11th, 2007

podmanIt’s kinda difficult to explain this one. The Expelations of The Little Green Pod Man is essentially a platformer with a neat gimmick – instead of jumping, you can transform yourself into a Venus Flytrap that spits you out onto new ledges. You can also make the plant grow towards bees to reposition it, and swallow the bees to make it shoot you further. On top of that there are a few subtleties to how it all works that you pick up as you go along.

To be honest, it’s easier to just play it and see how it works for yourself than it is to explain. Thankfully, it’s a fun little game to play, though a little frustrating at times. It helps that the song accompanying it suits the game perfectly.

Also, for no apparent reason it has a picture of a squirrel in the loading screen. Who among us doesn’t appreciate that?

(Thanks, Moshboy!)

  • Prio

    The world needs more games that turn you into things.

  • BMcC

    Haha, this sounds so silly (in a good way)!

  • MisterX

    I’ve already played through Pod Man when I spotted the post on the forums, and it’s actually a neat little game. It’s just got quite some glitches in it, which have you noticed that it’s not a polished game of course. For example you can shoot those “mosquitos” (I forgot their name, the enemy-bee-thingies) off the screen using the arrows, or you can basically travel quite a long way using a pod by eating some bees, spitting them out again, growing towards them and eating them again, spitting them out, etc.
    But surely that’s not a real problem, Pod Man just is a quite fun and tiny game that’s actually worth playing through :)

  • Erik

    Shouldn’t it be “expectorations”?

  • deadeye

    Ugh, I can’t get past the locusts >:(

  • BMcC

    This game is wild! I dig it.

  • !CE-9

    that’s the sweetest frustrating game. and the music is genius.

  • Igor

    The game is amazing and the music… Oh, the music is fantastic!

  • Vladimir the Android

    I second you pal.