By: Derek Yu

On: December 17th, 2007


Hells yes! The ever-inventive Dr. Petter has released a free sound program that lets you easily create retro-style sound effects:

What I present here is, if you will, an MS Paint for sound effects… or something along those lines. It’s meant to make it dead easy for anyone to whip up a few simple sound effects and save them as .WAV files for playback using most game/media libraries like SDL or pygame.

This really beats holding a microphone in my teeth while I beat a robot to death with a rusted pipe!

(Works in Linux, too! Thanks, PoV!)

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    Nice! Very nice.

    This should prove useful…

  • http://www.distractionware.com Terry

    Awesome! I’m using it to make explosion sounds for my game.

  • Nurykabe

    I like this !

  • http://www.shotbeakgames.za.net/niche Tr00jg

    Oooh neat! *bookmarked for future use*

  • thomas

    Great little program, fun to use and saves me the hassle of browsing through sound libraries.

  • Jäd

    This was pure niceness. :D

    I will use it for sure (:

  • http://keturn.net/ keturn

    Nice for prototyping, sure, but players _will_ notice the difference. And I think you’ll find that you get a lot more respect for the titles you publish where you actually *did* hold a microphone in your teeth while beating things with a rusty pipe.

  • Smithy

    People become choose to become game developers to get showered with respect…

  • Smithy



  • http://digitaltools.node3000.com/ Digital Tools

    This is really a great app. Very good approach and I wonder why nobody else made something like this before. I did get my effects in a similar process: putting together some basic oscillator stuff and playing with the pitches. Anyone else here did it like that?

  • Jink

    fuck yes, I’ll be sure to use this

  • Circy

    Amazing :) I’m shocked that something like this wasn’t released sooner actually.

  • http://www.s-zuce.com itqguy

    Thats so cool. I actually spent hours looking for a program that does just that and managed to run into one by accident today.

    I’ll just keep them to use for later.

  • Radix

    At one point I made sound effects by making noises with my mouth and mucking with them in a sound editor. I got quite good at it, and had an action game project in which all the sounds were fairly similar to the SNES megaman games, and I was fairly happy with it. Some time later I came back, and found I could hear the saliva in every one of the sound effects and it made me want to vomit.

  • mr. podunkian

    pixel made a program like this, which is included with pxTone, though this one has a bit nicer of a GUI and stuff

  • http://akktivecarbon.uw.hu !CE-9

    this is what I wanted to be when I grow up. *downloads immediately*

  • http://akktivecarbon.uw.hu !CE-9

    @keturn & Smithy: actually, I chose to become a game developer to beat things with a rusty pipe.=)

  • Trotim

    Incredibly awesome.

  • Shadowrice

    This is a fantastic tool! I love it!

  • Bob

    I’ll use it to make samples for songs.

  • Del_Duio

    I’ve already made some awesome spaceage effects and cool ray gun blasts with it. This thing is GREAT!!

    Anyone else notice you can get the same exact coin sound your hear on Super Mario Brothers?

  • Redhades

    I know a bunch of chiptune artists who are loving it.

  • Krunal Rajput

    Thanks for Sharing a Sfxrt Chart for hip roof

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