The Sexy Car That Jumps

By: Lorne Whiting

On: February 19th, 2008

Courtesy of thewreck’s (of Oxeye Games fame) past comes this classic: Bilen Som Hoppar (The car that jumps!)

And woo-ee, is it a gooden. It’s pretty much Sexy Automobiling only sexier. That is, it contains small pictures of fellatio and dominatrices throughout the levels, hand-pixelled by 14 year old thewreck!

The other reason you should play it though, and the cause for the sexy hiking comparison, is the frustratingly bugged out physics engine, which is what causes the car to jump in the first place. Delicious!

Also, since I assume you read the part warning about the awesome pornographic material in it, here’s a direct download link:

And be not to forget to check out other thewreck games, like the glorious MMMN.

  • Cow

    Yes. I love this game. :D MMMN is really awesome too.

  • PhoenixJ


  • Julius

    i urinated

  • crackers

    I do believe the correct term is Sexy Trucking not Sexy Automobiling as indicated in this news post.

  • sinoth

    This truck can drive ON LAVA.

  • raelz

    pornographic material? DOWNLOADIING :D

  • Mazapán

    Fantastic name! Fantastic game!

  • kinten

    Ah yes, the era of lucious pornographic pixly magnificence.. I remember the days.

  • Cas

    Mootox ftw!

  • Blueberry_pie

    This is all kinds of awesome.

    But mostly the pants-soilingly kind.

  • farmergnome

    more lvls plz, theres only so many times i can play the 4 levels, even with the awesome physics

  • rndll

    Uh, I’d rather go with Elastomania :-p

  • joola

    the name sounds much better in its original language!

  • gustav

    did i just jump over jesus getting a blowjob from a naked black guy?

  • rndll


    This game would’ve been GOTY if it hadn’t been for Diamond Riders. :