Everyday Shooter – Now on Steam

By: Derek Yu

On: May 8th, 2008

Everyday Shooter

Joyous day! Everyday Shooter has finally made its way to the PC, via Steam. I’ll be honest, I had only gotten a taste of this game before, on the IGF show floor in 2007. It was fun then, but I gotta say, it really deserves to be played in one’s own room, with headphones on. Challenging and beautiful – one of few games where graphics, sound, and gameplay are completely harmonious with one another.

Try it! It’s definitely worth the $8.99 you’ll be paying for it (discounted from $9.99 for this week).

  • Valkyrie

    Man, the fourth level is kicking my ASS! Damn airplanes….

  • Pyabo

    sinoth, I have the same setup… USB to PS2… I wonder if that’s the real issue?

    re: 8-directions… you can actually shoot in more than 8 directions. Just takes a little wiggling. :)

  • Corpus

    8 directions, frankly, are enough for me. I’m used to playing my shmups with the cursor keys.

  • HikariExpress

    @Pyabo and Corpus:

    Yeah, it might be good enough for me as well. It’s not like Robotron and Smash TV are bad games because of this. Those are timeless classics.

    But it’s just that… WHY?

    I mean, it’s more than proved that analog movement and shooting in these kinds of games can work really well, and one could even argue that it works better than the good old-fashioned way.

    And let’s not forget that this game was also made for the PS3, a console with dual analog joysticks.

    So… WHY?

  • Zmann

    Well, actually, it was originally designed for PC, and later ported to PS3. The enemies were probabally balanced for 8 direction shooting, and he didn’t want to have to rework the whole game to port it.

    But why are you acting like it breaks the game? Just use the buttons; it’s really not that hard! I mean, really, if that’s your only complaint about the game, you’re being really anal.

  • Tim

    I enjoyed ES a lot more than UltraTron or Geometry Wars. Those games have so little content, it’s just an arcade points race. All the levels in ES were so different and all the special systems were so much more interesting than just honed tron gameplay. You play 5 minutes of geo and you’ve seen the entire game, there’s nothing else left except getting more twitch skills. Granted I played a lot more than 5 minutes of geo, but I’m sure I’ll never want to play another geo because there’s nothing new to see.

  • Shoon

    how do you change it to 32 bit colour?

    my laptop is having trouble running it aswell. its kind of annoying to have to play the game on a really low resolution.

  • nullerator

    This is probably a really dumb question but… how do you skip the levels you’ve already played? I’m getting a bit tired of playing that first level over and over again now…

  • bateleur

    You can unlock level skips in the “Unlock Extras” menu. (Early levels are cheap to skip, but it gets pricey after a while…)

  • HikariExpress

    @Zmann: I couldn’t possibly know if it breaks the game or not because I didn’t buy the game yet.

    I’m a cheapskate, I know. =(

  • BreadCultist

    Right-click your desktop, see the rightmost tab

  • cactus

    Really great game. I’m so glad that I have a graphics card that can handle it. The game is definitely more challenging than I thought, and I really like the combo systems. Both graphics and gameplay are definitely very impressive. Gonna play some more now…