Tobioriya and Curryki

By: Derek Yu

On: May 29th, 2008


In case you missed it, Ikiki has released two new games this year, and they’re both pretty nifty! The first is Tobioriya, an archery game where you have to shoot people jumping out of a building (naked, obviously). Hold down the mouse button and release to shoot. Try to aim the cursor on the jumpers as the arrow travels nearly instantaneously.


In the second game, Curryki, you have to put curry on rice. The rice appears on the left side, and you have to squirt the curry on the right. Then the machine will flip the right side onto the left (like a page in a book). So the goal is to place the curry so that it ends up in the right place! It’s quite tricky!

Really like both of these, especially Curryki, which I think is pretty novel. You can download them both from Ikiki’s games page. Curryki is at the top, and Tobioriya is the next one down.

(Source: LaughingCrow, via Lithium Leaf. Sweet blog, dude!)

  • First Post Getter

    First again you fucks. my curry burns ur first post to the floor.

    clean it up you. First post. Yes.

  • Fishy Boy

    Isn’t this really old? You announced this before, but it was overshadowed by Ikiki’s amazing GIFs.

  • Derek

    Holy crap, I think you’re right. I thought Curryki was new, but I guess not! Oh well, the games themselves deserve a mention.

  • Tim

    edit: oh, more info about Teppomanto here! ;)

  • Derek

    Nice, Tim! I like his new “thick pen” art style.

  • LaughingCrow

    Oh my! Thanks a lot for the compliment! Your blog rocks!

  • raelz

    Did anyone get past 50 in Tobioriya ?

  • BeamSplashX

    I’m just waiting on Teppomanto. I LOVED Teppoman but Teppodon was too difficult. And if every stage of Bimboman was like the first one I’d have loved that even more.

    Make my dreams come true, Ikiki! DREAMS!

  • lol

    Ikki and cactus are instant news material for Derek no matter how many times he has covered them before.

  • Tower

    70 on tobioriya with
    0 missed targets
    and 4 arrows which didnt hit a target.


  • synonymous

    I’m convinced getting to level five in Tobioriya is impossible.

  • Tower

    Im on level 7 O_o

    Heres prove:

  • Tower

    I got to level 7 :P
    Although it might be a bug ^^

  • ankara evden eve nakliyaty

    I got level 8 :)))
    ankara evden eve nakliyat

  • Tower


    No you didnt. ¬_¬