Braid, Castle Crashers Release Dates!

By: Derek Yu

On: July 29th, 2008

Braid / Castle Crashers

As part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade, Jonathan Blow’s Braid is hitting XBLA on August 6th, with The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers following soon after on August 27th. August is going to be a good month!

Braid won two of IGN’s “Best of E3” awards this year, including “Best Xbox Live Arcade Game” and “Best Puzzle Game.” It’s also been getting some great reviews from the gaming press.

(Source: Tim, via the blog)

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  • policedanceclub

    fuck yeah

  • MisterX

    I’m quite curious how the media coverage for Braid will turn out when everybody gets to try it out.
    Beyond that I’m just eagerly awaiting its release date for the “unexclusive” PC :) No nagging, though, I guess I can understand why it is the way it is.

  • GirlFlash


    *passes out*

  • Rampancy

    Dang, I wish I had an xbox…

  • !CE-9

    “Braid is a risky experiment climaxing in glorious success.” I climaxed reading this. But Braid for OSX? Or at least Win32? (Pleeeze?)

    Otherwise I’m seriously(!) considering buying a, uh, I dunno, second hand Xbox just to get to play these two games.

  • muku

    I’m glad I don’t have an Xbox, I need to get some work done in August…

    On the other hand, I can’t wait for Braid to get to PCs.

  • someguy


    There’s no need. It’s getting released for PC.

  • Quetz

    Oh sweet I didn’t know that. That is good. Very good.

  • JohnA

    Braid needs to get released for the PC, like tomorrow. Seriously.

  • Dan MacDonald

    Um Castle Crashers FTW.. c’mon people. Only the funnest looking XBLA game recent memory… they need to fill their channel with awesome games like this.

  • Melly

    I seriously want to try Braid someday. God I hope it’s not gonna need XNA and .NET and all that crap, but I fear so since it’s an Xbox Live game as well.

    Here’s hoping against hope.

  • Jonathan Blow

    Braid will *not* need XNA and .NET and all that crap.

  • muku

    That is great news, Jon.

  • imaginarythomas

    Kotaku is reporting castle crashers is going to cost 1800 ms points… ~$22???

    Wow, not cool.

  • FISH

    oh yeah, so not cool to pay twenty bucks for a game that’s been in development for what now? 2 years? by how many people?
    how dare they not just give away all their hard work.

    fuck off and pay the 22$.

  • raigan

    Well, if we take 20 years to complete our next game we’re not going to charge $200 for each copy!

    As with Penny Arcade, it just seems like they’re gouging their fans because they know they can get away with it and still sell a decent amount.

  • Leroy

    Only 20 bucks? Just 20 dollars? that’s so cheap! I’m getting both!

    I don’t want to pay 60 bucks or more for games that don’t try anything new.

  • arrogancy

    Why is 20 dollars not a fair price?

    These are games developed from the ground up for a system that are full games that take hours to play through. They’re more expansive than your average Nintendo DS title. Castle Crashers is a deeper title than Guardian Heroes on the DS.

    Why, again is 22 dollars or 15 dollars not worth it? These aren’t the ports (Alien Hominid was a port, as well, btw) or glorified minigames you’re used to getting on XBLA.

    Either you want NEW in depth games developed for the system or you’re happy with your ports and minigames. And this is what new, extensive titles cost to create. So obviously, some people just don’t want anything new, I guess.

  • imaginarythomas

    I’m still going to buy it, relax.

    It’s just really pricey for an XBLA game.

  • arrogancy

    That was moreso directed towards raigan.

    It’s pricey for an XBLA (if that’s even correct) because it’s not a port or a minigame like every other XBLA game. They are both full length games developed from the ground up by indie studios and new.

  • Edmund

    CC isnt going to be 22 bucks. the info is wrong.

  • Dan MacDonald

    I’d pay $22, but then I neglected to turn on parental controls and my kids bought me $120 in Microsoft points that I need to unload… :S

  • Oddbob

    note to self:

    turn on parental controls.

  • Zulgaines

    CC won’t be $22.

    That was a mix up.