It was the best of times…

By: Derek Yu

On: August 14th, 2008


Those kinky Flashbang boys are teasing us about Blurst, which will be the new home for all their game experiments. The site will go live with five titles, including Raptor Safari, Jetpack Brontosaurus, and their latest project, Minotaur China Shop, which stars an angry minotaur who’s trying to run a china shop (okay, that is an awesome idea). Coming soon!

Hit the jump for some test footage of Minotaur China Shop:

  • Valkyrie

    Hell, yes! Take that ancient Chinese recipes and your faux Ming dynasty ceramic goods!

  • what

    It’s pretty sad I actually got the Simpsons reference.

  • ChevyRay


    Man, at the end there where he swipes all the china off the table and then tips it over had me laughing. Also, when he was wading through all the tables piled up on top of him.

    Far too genius.

  • FISH

    in other news, im starting my own web portal, called MALK.

    or, InterSlice.

  • Steve Swink


  • moi

    Concept games aren’t always very good

  • BeamSplashX

    Good concepts aren’t always games. We’re lucky this isn’t a movie and those indie movie folks are getting the first whiff of this, this… GENIUS.

  • Vegetable

    Yes! You are the best TV reference ever!

  • Blueberry_pie

    Reading Wegner’s description of Minotaur China Shop made that video even more enjoyable for me:

    So it’s a minotaur straight from the labyrinth. He took out a small business loan and started his own china shop, and then he’s not quit equipped to run a china shop, and so it doesn’t go well. He’s prone to fall into a rage and sort of trash the place. […] The actual game will be: customers walk in and say, “I want that plate over there”, or, “that piece of china in the corner”, and you have to go get it without breaking things. But as soon as you do break something, you [become enraged and] basically need to be tranquilized, so you might as well trash the place while you still have time. So it will be kind of a mix of Diner Dash and trashing things—watching things mash around.

    (From this interview

  • Andreas

    Ah my favorite Simpson episode…

  • Seth

    this is started to seem a little formulaic

  • I Like Cake

    Yeah, they just keep coming up with awesome ideas. They should come up with some shitty ideas, just to keep things fresh.

  • toasty mofo

    i like how the minotaur seems to tiptoe everywhere – i hope they add that as a stealth element, like you get more points for the plates not detecting you. or if the tables don’t radio for backup you get a multiplier.

  • bateleur

    That’s going to be their next title: Stealth Hippopotamus.

  • just me

    Uh… that’s not “trying to run a china shop”.
    It’s more like, “willingly punching a china shop to pieces”
    The concept is mind-boggling though! Just needs a lot more polishing I guess.

  • Secret Admirer

    Woah, I love that logo

  • cuntface

    Cave Story ripoff.

  • magallanes

    I jumped to Unity3d mainly because Raptor Safari is damn awesome and you can play right now in your browser with full 3d acceleration (and not a “crappy and slow” 3d flash).

  • Matthew

    We’ve since fixed a lot of the physics; that alpha video was taken after just a few days of work from one person. Fear not, Internet. It will be reasonably fun.

  • Rich

    Friggen awesome logo.

  • Astrofra

    I third that ! I’m deadly jealous of their logo !!!!

  • Toadsanime

    Needs a little more polishing, but the gameplay seems more than a little intriguing.
    I’d love to see how this game comes out.

    And, no, I don’t get the reference. Could someone explain that to me?

  • MikeK

    Awesome idea. Who wouldn’t want to smash a china shop! I hope the minotaur looks awesome, like he’s ready to pop at any moment- like a character out of Ren and Stimpy, all breathing heavily with chest heaving :) hahahah.

  • Mike K

    I hate it when you post… It reminds me that I might be schizo.