Grapple Buggy Trailer

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: May 13th, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness.

Blaster Master meets Bionic Commando, with sexier physics and disturbing visuals? Yes, please. Not only is this the best XNA Community game I think I’ve ever seen (though, I’ll admit, my experience with XNA games is limited), it may be the best game ever? (Sure, I’m exaggerating here. But only slightly.)

My very first thought when I saw this was, “Hey, that looks like ”" titles=“Arne’s Bionic Commando meets Blaster Master meets Excite Bike meets AWESOME game concept”>one of Arne’s concepts!" Could this be the dream game he’s been waiting for? I mean, supposedly it “features dynamic decision branching, and multiple, story-driven endings.” Does that mean free-roaming exploration? I sure hope so.

Find more at creator Nathan Fouts’ website, Mommy’s Best Games.
Also, his dev log can be found here, and is now added to the DevRoll, natch.

(Thanks again Offworld!)

  • AGuy

    Oh man, this looks pretty awesome. Grappling hooks, awesome art style, driving, killing things… looks like everything one could hope for in a game!

  • Paul Eres

    The environments artist is pretty great:

  • MisterX

    It really looks very good. Unfortunately, I’m likely never going to own an Xbox 360. I’m fine with my PC.

  • moi

    Yeah just saw it.
    Looks much better than his previous game.
    Looks like he has a really nice engine, all he needs now is an artist.

  • John Evans

    Now THIS looks pretty cool!

  • Teknogames/Beau Blyth

    The game looks fun, but I am just not fond of gross graphics. They get old after a while.

  • Rad Spencer

    Your number’s up! MONSTER!

  • avoidobject

    Sorry, I just had to do that.

    Besides the similarities to Bionic Commando and Blaster Master, pay close attention to that mini-map. Doesn’t that look familiar from somewhere? Why yes! From the looks of it, that is a Super Metroid style mini-map!

    Will this be an open ended metroidvania style game? Awesome!

  • BMcC

    I pray that it will!

  • AGuy

    Oh man I didn’t notice the xbox live part somehow. ;_;

  • Paul Eres

    I’d say it looks like it’ll play more like Blaster Master than Metroid.

  • avoidobject

    No, no, no. I know that. But that mini-map. It looks just like the kind used in Metroid. I wonder if that means anything gameplay wise?

  • phubans

    Wow, another reason to get a 360 I suppose… Looks amazing!

  • Pyabo

    Oh man… All terrain vehicle driving on organic constructs… this totally reminds me of Wheeled Warriors. Did I just date myself?

  • MikeK

    N I C E !!!!

  • Eli

    For discernible reason (I suppose other than the focus on planet vs. vehicle) this reminds me of Vangers.

    Also, plants eating cars – excellent.

  • Eli

    For – NO – discernible reason. The lack of sleep is finally getting to me.

  • God at play

    Nice mix of gameplay going there. Wish I had an Xbox too. :/

    The art style is interesting, agreed, although it gets pretty visually confusing because of all the similar colors going on at once. I think it’d work much better if the backgrounds had some more atmospheric color to them, i.e. less saturated and tinted a little more toward a single color.

  • Ivan

    Said it once, say it again: the only thing missing for the Xna community is a Steam for its PC distribution.

  • Fuzz

    Those graphics are fantastic.

  • Eclipse

    I’m the only one that thinks that the graphics sucks? :

  • nullerator

    What a waste to release these things on the 360. I can’t even buy community games where I live.

  • Ilya Chentsov

    >I’m the only one that thinks that the graphics sucks? :

    Well, I think it *kinda* sucks. Crapple Buggy, hehe.

  • Ezuku

    *sighs*. I feel like I own the wrong platform sometimes (PC).

    Anyway, the graphics look pretty cool, hopefully they’ll be varied enough, the gross graphics could get old very quickly if overused.

    But hey, it’s awesome that somebody else here played Vangers :D. That game was awesome.

  • Quazi

    i dont like gross graphics either, they remind me of r-types graphics.

    the game looks cool, but its not really like that concept of arnes, that game looks like Cortex command with a blaster master tank and character.

  • soulja

    Ain’t no point to this comment, just typing words, commentin on shit.

  • Ivan

    If you loved blaster master (like I did) I don’t know how you can hate the graphics… They’re awesome for that style.

    Would people rather the game be 3d or what?

  • Dustin

    I immediately was reminded of Weapon of Choice from that trailer. Guy has a very distinct style, I guess.

  • Eclipse

    Blaster Master 2 had awesome graphics, this game has poor drawn stuff imo…

  • SG

    Immediately thought of R-Type, which is far from a bad thing.

  • J

    I’d rather the game be PC. As much as I want to play games like this and Behemoth’s “Game #3”, I’m not going to buy a 360.

  • leeham

    needs more low-cut panties

  • BMcC

    Yes you are, J. :P

  • Impossible

    Looks cool. I would have liked to see art a little different than weapon of choice. The organic gross monsters with funky colors was interesting, but its not particularly appealing and doesn’t help differentiate the game from weapon of choice. The gameplay looks bettercooler than Weapon of Choice.

    Hopefully he can get a proper Live Arcade deal this time and bypass the shittiness of community games.

  • MikeK

    Cmon’ guys, i’m sure theres many more games it reminds you of, or looks like etc..! dont quit now! i’d love to hear more about what it reminds you of.