Time Fcku Trailer

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: August 11th, 2009

Time Fkcu, a new game from Edmund McMillen, Justin Karpel, and William Good made for the Power of 3 event over at Newgrounds, is coming out September 1st. According to Edmund, “Time Cfuk is a game about stasis, it’s a game about perspective and viewing both sides of the story from afar, it’s a game about blocks, platforms, drinking, high school reunions and work time fun.” He goes on to say, “Time KcuF is not an art game.” Well, what is, anyway? Wait, don’t answer that.

Read more here. Watch more up there.

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    Yes, I am well aware we look like Indie Games Blog at the moment. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

  • preferably anonimity

    wait… What the Fcuk is it called?

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    Time Kucf!

  • Zenith

    Any game that says its not an art game after the description it gave us definitely an art game. ;)

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    the visuals are really cactus-esque, hope it plays good

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    i’m playing the beta, it’s quite good :]

  • Bennett

    I hope Terry’s VVVVVV comes out on the same day, and they can battle to the death!

  • Nikica

    Google says: Did you mean: Time Fuck?

  • Anthony Flack

    So let’s see, the name is “Time” followed by an anagram of “Fuck”, but don’t use the same anagram twice in a row. Okay.

    Visuals look cool. I like the “post-pixel” look – I think it’s very natural and appropriate for computer art.

    I also like the spooky melodica music.

  • Flamebait

    Those characters look like monochromatic pixellated golliwogs.

  • moi

    I love the ZX-81 aesthetic on some of the screens

  • Patrick


  • Paul Eres

    i also played the beta. it’s quite good. it’s a puzzle game primarily. look forward to it.

  • Bucket

    Dis game racis.

  • lboom

    The music is quite annoying, but it looks like fun

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    I really dig the music. :

  • MasterShake

    I like the style of the music, but the constant Hammond-type thing they got going where someone is slamming their fingers on the same three keys over and over is really kind of annoying…

    I coulda sworn the game was called (in Soviet Russia) Time Fck U.

  • Matt

    I have no idea what the fuck is going on in there, but I can’t wait until Sep 1.