Preview: Merry Gear Solid 2

By: Xander

On: October 13th, 2009

So it’s not quite the season yet, but what would an MGS game be without a little bit of hype? Arthur Lee will be once again providing a swish parody of the famous series, featuring a suprising amount of gadgets/weapons which seem to mix functionality and the funnies quite nicely.

Release date should be fairly obvious, which hopefully will give some time to improving the music which isn’t quite as accomplished as the rest of the game’s presentation appears to be. The puns however are fantastic enough that I will completely ignore that this isn’t ‘The Underside’.

  • Krux


  • Nikica

    Can’t wait! I’m hyped.

  • Z

    Looks hot – can’t wait.

    And it’s kind of funny this game will get away with using the best theme from MGS when the real games can’t.

  • makosanders

    “I feel asleep” in voice acting. That’s truly awesome.
    I remember playing the first MGS on my emulator and thinking; This is the start of the MGS series?! Seriously!? Is this supposed to be a classic!? AVGN later confirmed that the original MGS is, in fact a real work of ass.
    But I digress.
    WRONG BLOG?!! I DON’T CARE *fires indiscriminately at the comments section.*

  • douglas

    here’s some news: it still ain’t out yet

  • Ilya Chentsov

    Try pausing on the item descriptions for added hilarity.

  • cm

    @makosanders: Do you mean the first MGS, or the first MG? Because the first MGS was damn awesome, thank you very much.

  • John Evans

    Noooo! We’re not even past Halloween yet! No Christmas stuff yet! NOOOOO!

  • Haha

    I like when 12 year olds give their critiques on games well before their time with no context of the gaming ecosystem or level of innovation at the time. At least get the name of the game right. “I played it on an emulator hurr durr”

  • mots

    the music for the 2nd level shown was pretty good, I liked it better than the first.

    can’t wait to hear the dialogue once you get caught.

    mommy does santa exist? NO!, SAAAAANTAAAA CLAAAAAUUUS

  • Adam

    otakon: santa? santa!?? SAAAAANNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  • A

    I think the MSX2 version is considered the superior version.

    Also, woot

  • Paul Eres

    hey, even the kids of the guy who programmed ‘adventure’ for the atari 2600 thinks that game is horrible (according to a recent interview with him). it’s just “progress” :)

  • Ezuku

    I’m hyped about this.

  • SirNiko

    Adventure on the Atari is an awesome game even by today’s standards. If you added bloom effect and twenty minute cutscenes it’d go toe-to-toe with modern games.

    Crappy as the original Metal Gear on the NES seems now, it was still a pretty awesome game in its time. I picked up MGS1 because I remembered Metal Gear 1 and 2 were awesome. I played the MSX games later, and they are much better, but that doesn’t mean the NES versions were bad by any stretch.

    Is he clobbering the children with that candy cane, or feeding it to them and making them pass out? I’m still trying to decide which answer would make me more worried.


  • alastair

    I’ve always wanted to play another 2D MGS, Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel was a fantastic game. It’s a pity they didn’t make MGS4 2D style gameplay.

  • corpus

    looks really awesome. I don’t think I ever played the first one. I’ll have to hunt it down…

  • rumrusher

    oh god so even if the last one made no sense with mgs canon it great to see he ignore the fact he off santa just to get to big boss brother depending if this is after the events of mgs 4 he saw his dad’s death and now stuck eating eggs never to know that his final fight with ocelot was done way before by ape escape monkeys.

    yeah peposnake done it first.

  • anon

    i feel asleep lmao