Previews: Capsized and Hydorah

By: Derek Yu

On: October 22nd, 2009

Here are a couple of good-looking old-school 2d games coming from teams known for FPS’s:

Capsized is a platform game that’s reminiscent of Exile. Coming in 2010 to Steam and XBLA, from the creators of the multiplayer FPS Nexuiz.

Locomalito, best known for their chunky FPS 8-bit Killer, are working on Hydorah, a Gradius-style shmup. It will be released as freeware at some indeterminate date.

Thanks to Pixel Prospector for the news!

  • Steve

    I want Hydorah to come out now.

  • hui

    It’s Nexuiz not Nexiuz.

  • Th. Ang

    Hey who drained all of the water out of Aquaria.

  • Hempuli

    This looks immensely cool! More like R-Type to me, though. That’s perhaps because I’ve played Super R-type more than any other shmup.

  • robolee

    capsized looks like an exile remake

  • robolee

    okay I look stupid, I didn’t read the article “Capsized is a platform game that’s reminiscent of Exile.”, but I saw it on pixel prospector

  • Rockvillian

    Capsized also looks like a Solar Jetman remake. Without the ship of course.

  • Patrick

    The guns in Capsized look pretty weak, and that camera shake from getting hit is more annoying than engrossing.

    Hopefully that won’t be the case in the final product, because it looks pretty nice.

    I will not make it past level 1 in Nexuiz.

  • Jabberwock

    Hydorah looks really nice – tons of variety and cool stuff going on, good graphics, weapon selection, &c. are all nice signs, plus it’s free. Capsized might be nice – I enjoy the look of the greenish environment – but it doesn’t look like there’s much variety in the game, at least, not yet – only two, maybe three environments are actually pictured.

  • renkin

    Hydorah looks awesome. Looks like a mix of Life Force and Gradius.

  • Sean C

    Is that last scene in the Hydorah trailer a Bangai-O reference?

  • Phasma Felis

    Is it wrong that the first thing I thought about Hydorah is “Thank Christ, a shmup that isn’t bullet-hell for a change”?

    And, oh man, Capsized looks right up my alley. Jetpacks, 2D physics, and Metroidvania. Oh please hurry.

    What’s this “Exile” all about? I’ve heard about it, but don’t know much.

  • Snow

    Both – impressive games. I like how the maps in Capsized have a similar style to those popular in Soldat.

    One thing that I’m becoming increasingly impressed with these days, is attention to graphics and artwork. In Hydorah especially, the atmosphere is incredible and the colors are dead on. As an artist myself, I have to say, I’m jealous – seeing more and more great artwork in games these days… YOU’RE MAKING ME NEED TO WORK HARDER JUST TO CATCH UP AND BE NOTICED! lol

  • PixelProspector

    great to see that these promising games are getting some exposure here on TIG!
    i think hydorah is already about 80% done…
    so i hope it will be released soon!

  • judgespear

    what’s exile? i googled it and it turned up to be some old RPG. I don’t think that’s it…

  • Chris Zamanillo
  • Anthony Flack

    Hydorah doesn’t just look Gradius-style – it looks like a full-blown unofficial Gradius sequel.

    Not that I’m complaining, mind.

  • noah

    hydorah looks amazing

  • Daniel

    No R-Type style shield for Hydorah? It would make a great match!

    They both look wonderful…

  • Arne

    I think I recognize that suit in Capsized…

    The terrain looks a bit busy. I wouldn’t put grass and grit inside the cliffs like that.

  • Jotaf

    OMG, give me these two games right now. They both look awesome, but Hydorah really hits me as I’ve always been a fan of space shooters. Also, I just noticed what a mistake I made never having played Gradius!!