Cream Wolf

By: Derek Yu

On: February 18th, 2010

Cream Wolf

Pixeljam (Gamma Bros., Dino Run) and messhof (Flywrench, Punishment), have teamed up to create a new “8-bit Rejects” game for Adult Swim. It’s called Cream Wolf.

TIGdb: Entry for Cream Wolf

  • chrknudsen

    I think the game is glitched. The second time I was supposed to eat the kids, it just stayed on the transformation screen, but the countdown was still going, so I ended up not being able to eat any kids. :(

  • Lemon Jesus

    I love the style.

  • GZ

    The visuals, music, and concept are great, but I didn’t see much reason to play after getting to the third level. The gameplay is unique, but it wasn’t enough to keep me playing and I didn’t feel there was much reward for progressing in the game.

    Has anyone beat the game?

  • Noyb

    Inspired by Aquin’s I Have Candy Get in the Van, perhaps?

    Interesting concept, but really tedious to play. Stopped around the fourth town after getting all the flavors. Interesting how the AI seems to be programmed specifically not to trap you while moving mostly randomly, which makes escape a boring inevitability and takes away most of the tension. Then again, it’s chugging a bit on my laptop, so it might be more engaging if I saw it at its intended speed.

  • phubans

    One of the most bizarre and interesting games I’ve played in a while. I played until Napefield with 23,000 points, but then I got kinda bored. Other than that, I really like this.

  • Rob

    ok, but how do we make a game where you are a child predator? Good laugh

  • card

    I am really surprised at how good some of the adult swim games are. Who is in charge of commissioning all of these things? Usually I associate this sort of thing with “Here’s a crap game, give me ad revenue rarrrrgh”

  • AGuy

    it looks like they’re picking up games from indie devs

  • Pyabo

    Yea, they definitely solicited game pitches on

  • anothergol

    Kind of a letdown after Mountain Maniac. The ambiance is nice, especially the music, but the gameplay.. I’m not even sure I understood what the game was about. On that aspect it’s faithful to games of that era, there were truckloads of such games with uncomprehensible gameplay.

  • card


    Really? I thought it was really straightforward.. It’s a werewolf with an icecream truck.

  • chrknudsen

    Yeah, you were supposed to get the kids fat by making icecreams for them and then luring them back to your lair to eat when the full moon came.

  • Tomo

    Did anyone not find this a bit close to the mark?!

    It makes me go a bit… 0_0

    Seriously, rounding up kids with an ice-cream van… or is that the point of the 8-bit rejects?

    It’s quite a step up from Maniac Mountain anyhoo.

  • Alex


    Another shit game like Mountain Maniac and Sausage Factory

    an amazing news post would be if this team ever makes a good game

  • Alex

    Dino Run and Gamma Bros are amazing though so maybe they just make shit games when they’re being paid for it

  • robolee

    kinda crappy, couldn’t make it past the 2nd level because I kept getting surrounded by the AI drivers, which is weird because noyb says that it never happened to him which made the game boring for him, I liked it other than that though, good game just needs a bit of tweaking (maybe more GTA driving so if you do get surrounded you could cut around them, which might alert police or something)

  • SmallCaveGames

    Funniest game name I’ve heard this year.

  • Anthony Flack

    Ehh, not as good as Mountain Maniac, and not as good as I Have Candy Get In The Van, neither. Nice cover, though…

  • anothergol

    >>Really? I thought it was really straightforward.. It’s a werewolf with an icecream truck.

    Well, at first I didn’t know what to do, I was just collecting icecreams, and the info text looked too trippy to be read. Then I found out the key to play the truck’s music & attract kids. But it’s also the same key as to “build” cones, thus most of the time you miss the first part. And once it’s night, you get back to your place.. & kids are following? I didn’t get that part.
    I will try to play it again once I’m drunk, maybe it will start to make sense.