By: Alehkhs

On: April 1st, 2010


“Hey, look! DF2010”

  • http://sinoth.net sinoth

    And here I thought April was going to be productive :[

  • http://www.tigsource.com Alehkhs

    What a fool! :P

  • MWB

    Site keeps timing out for me, I guess there must be a wee bit of traffic going on.

  • Tomborough

    Maybe its a joke, but there are actually some new things in this release. Although very small new things. Very. Small.

  • Narcowski

    Not sure why, but I was expecting Darkfall 2010.

  • http://sinoth.net sinoth

    For anyone that can’t get to the site, there is an official torrent up at http://brage.info/~svein/df_31_01.zip.torrent

  • namuol

    If this is a joke, it’s very cruel. And evidently many people are falling for it; the site must be getting hammered with requests because it keeps timing out for me.

  • Ezuku

    Sadly I can’t see what’s there, site keeps timing out. Can anyone give a spoiler for those of us who can’t access it?

  • MisterX

    I think the April Fool’s joke is that this looks so much like a joke people think it is one, but it isn’t!

    Just google for the Dwarf Fortress Wiki, there are several download mirrors right on its frontpage.

  • Phoomegaishun

    My god… It’s full of stars.

  • OnlySlightly

    From the release notes:

    “Release notes for 0.31.01 (April 1, 2010):

    It has been a long journey, and it is ongoing. This release has all of the new stuff we’ve been talking about for more than a year, but it is quite buggy. I also still need to do the merge with the OpenGL/Mac/Linux stuff as I mentioned in the dev log. We have a new bug tracker at http://www.bay1games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/ which we are going to try out. Expect it to be populated over the next few days with hundreds of issues. All the same, the testers seemed to be able to enjoy themselves, so please try everything out and have fun!”

  • Ezuku

    Ah… this is what I hate about April Fool’s day. I just become dysfunctional today because I have no idea what to believe and what not to. At anyrate, I’ll wait until Mayday’s tileset comes out I guess.

  • Ezuku

    Grats to Toady for completing it actually, this has been an epic project just to reach this stage.

  • Katawa

    Hey please link the torrent here directly if you can posterman.


    It’ll save a lot of loading issues with bay12 being so swamped.

  • Pnx

    So I start on a riverless map to discover that you can no longer farm dirt underground, so I start up a complex mechinism of pond filled reseviours, my first test goes poorly, and I have to redesign the four I had already dug out. Then I discover I can my farming done somewhere else… Yes it is a new release, and there quite a lot of changes, most of them don’t have a huge impact on gameplay. I’ll list a few.
    Creatures…. well open up the raws and you will see a lot has changed.. They now grow over time, becoming bigger and bigger, they’ve got different descriptions and other stuff. There’s also a lot more of them, and more creatures can be tamed. Also civilizations can have different domestic breeds… like war polarbears, or pack giant olms.

    There’s now a bunch of forgotten creatures in the legends, they’re all bizzare things like a blind panther twisted into human form. Also the new titans are extremely interesting, they’re rather reminiscent of shadow of the colossus. For example I have titan of the desert that is a giant green tarantula that breaths fire. And I have sea titan that’s a giant flying worm made of salt.

    Did I also mention that there’s now an underdark style cave system? There’s that too. And it’s inhabitants.

    Military stuff has been smoothed over, you’ve now got practice weapons and stuff so no more hacking each other’s arms off sparring. You can also set uniforms and have a greater degree of control over what your troops use, you can also set schedules and rotations of squads.

    There’s smaller changes too, most all the issues with the previous version of DF have been fixed, and a bunch of new features have been added bringing in new issues… like how I got three peasants you are all good at swimming but nothing else. they’re obviously survivors migrating to other fortresses.

  • Makai

    Love the picture.

    My RSS feed off the Dev log says: “DF Version 0.31.01 has been released.”
    But it does seem like the Bay12Games page is getting hammered to the point that I’m getting a “403 Forbidden” error thrown at me when trying to access the page.

  • Pnx

    Go to

    For the torrent, that’s the quickest way to get it.

  • Pnx
  • Makai

    Site is back up, and looks like it got a facelift!

  • Anri

    My dream is a Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft mashup. Its like a wet dream of mine.

  • pepper milk

    “Dwarf Fortress + Minecraft”
    That would make the best game ever.
    And it would need only 2 guys to make it !

  • rumrusher

    dang the new version of dwarf fortress suck up my easter fools egg hunt.
    dang if only there was a archive that stores all the sites who change for this year… and maybe holidays to.

    *gone back to raging over not being able to wipe out a town full of humans to steal their land.*

  • what

    I love the picture, it’s how I’ve been explaining roguelikes to my friends who don’t understand how to read them…

    “You see asperands, lowercase d’s, foward slashes…all I see anymore is heroes, wolves, and swords.”

  • toryoom

    I love Dwarf Fortress and all (well, more aptly the IDEA of DF, since I can’t get past the crazy learning curve imposed by the ASCII graphics alone), and I like the new site design on its own merits. But taken contextually, it’s almost like they’re now just straight up mocking the people asking for tile support.

  • Jotaf

    “You see asperands, lowercase d’s, foward slashes…all I see anymore is heroes, wolves, and swords.”

    Best roguelike quote ever!

  • anonymous

    Misspelling ‘ampersand’ really does lend a lovable quality to the quote.

  • magallanes

    A Elephant!!, Get in the car.

  • StephenM3

    ‘ampersand’ = &
    ‘asperand’ = @

    Granted, the “at” sign doesn’t actually have an official name. But I think most would agree that it deserves one, and my personal favorite proposed name is definitely ‘asperand.’ Glad to see it getting some use.

  • anonymous (from post 26)

    My bad. I should have googled ‘asperand’ before figuratively opening my mouth. Putting that aside. . . Woo! Dwarf Fortress!

  • Daiz

    Not exactly the first kind of these images.


  • Trevahhh

    The caverns were introduced, as I remember. I found those to be quite a large feature.