Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch Demo

By: ithamore

On: July 15th, 2010

The demo for MM8BDM was released last week. In case you didn’t read about it before, MM8BDM is a mod of Skulltag (an engine that is a port of Doom I and II with additions and improvements).

The single player mode only includes a small level to train against AI bots. For help with multiplayer sessions, refer to this thread in CutStuff’s forums.

A little warning when starting for the first time. My computer became extremely slow the first time after I ran the game and while WinXP was asking me whether or not to block the program during MM8BDM’s online testing. I eventually got through it and exited the game. From then on, everything ran smoothly when I tried to start again.

(Source: Idealsoft Blog [Italian])

  • jonschubbe

    cannot wait

  • player2

    Yeah I am excited for this. Looks like it might be a little too crazy though. I can't remember what Doom deathmatch was like because it's been sooo long, but I remember it being a lot of fun, so if it's anything like that then I am IN.

  • Dr. Wiley


  • Paint by Numbers


    In th elast update about it, I didn't realize this was a mod of Skulltag. Now I can totally see it. Holy shit this awesome.

  • ashton bahnmiller

    Yeah! Go Cutman! I seriously can't believe all the fame he's getting for this, it's astounding.

  • Idealsoft

    Great and funny project !

  • anonymous

    TIGSource only posts about the cream of the crop of indie game devs… and f course, everything related to Mega Man and other 8-bit stuff.

    Don't freak out, this is fair criticism.

  • The Monster King

    looks cool but im not too sure about that shaking when walking

  • The Monster King

    TIGsource posts about whatever articles TIGsource members post really if you want to do a guest review you can

  • Paul Villapiano

    Ditto. We post what we want.

    I post what I've enjoyed, what was okay but unique enough, the over looked, the obscure, and Japanese games falling within the previously listed categories.

    However, if there is something you would like to contribute (TIGSourse is a community), we have provided a thread in the forums for such:

  • Iom

    Haven't you been a little kid playing on his NES once? Don't you think you are an auteur now? Don't you think that NES games are the best thing ever?
    If not what are you doing on TIGSOURCE?

  • player2


  • guest

    … and do your work for you? I’m flabbergasted.

  • MachoMadness

    Don't worry, he gets paid to be this dumb.

  • MachoMadness

    I like.

  • Bleagle

    For me it looks too fast-paced and confusing. But I guess thats what doom mulitplayer is.

  • Gosh

    i really hope they've realized they need something more than just doom with new skins and weapons ^^

  • Flash Gordon

    Except they don't.

  • ashton bahnmiller

    That's what happens in the original doom. I think if you're using a port like ZDoom to run this game you can turn the bobbing off, although that kinda ruins the fun D:

  • Guest

    It's really ignorant to assume indie = 8-bit.

    That type of mentality is what is holding indie games back. If you think you need to like 8-bit games to enjoy indie, then I assume you haven't played games like Machinarium, Braid, World of Goo, or Aquaria.

  • anthonyflack

    True enough. It doesn't have to be clever, it just has to feel good.

    I like the way the restricted texture palette gives each area a distinctive colour scheme – something 8 bit platformers have been doing for aeons, but it's a technique not often seen applied to a 3d environment.

  • Gosh

    yea and thats fun for about an hour then you realize its just doom with new skins and weapons. i know its not the goal of the mod but i would really like to see some singleplayer maps against real megaman enemies.

  • guest

    isn't this copyright infringement? what is it doing on TITSource?

  • ashton bahnmiller

    I dunno, what is this doing on TITSource? You tell me.

  • Levi

    I can't connect to the server.

  • Jay Sherby

    Is it just me or does that video seem INCREDIBLY LOUD!? I hope the game isn't that loud.

  • Phubans

    Fun an interesting idea, but the levels were just a bit too small for my taste. I'm guessing this was done intentionally to promote the fast-paced action of this game. Still, would have liked to see a little more variety in the level designs.

  • Dodger

    This looks great and definitely carries the MegaMan brand well for an FPS even though it's in low res.

    My only problem, I wish I could go back and appreciate this type of annoying gameplay style, but I can't. If there was a single player mode then I would definitely go for it, but multiplayer games like this are just a headache now. That's just a personal opinion though, it still looks fantastic and seems to contain all kinds of awesomeness – that of course is mostly due to nostalgia. At one time I could get right into the frantic, frustrating, and annoyingly fast style of game and would have considered it fun, which is back when FPS multiplayer was still new. Now, Doom and Quake style deathmatch games just annoy the hell outta me but that has nothing to do with the game, my biological clock has surpassed it's ability to enjoy games that are too frantic and reliant on caffeine induced gameplay sessions. To me the epitome of FPSes still lies with Golden 007 on the N64. Not too fast and smooth as a babies bottom. That's more my speed.

    Great seeing these classic characters and abilities in an FPS though. I think a single player campaign story mode would be possible (and fun) judging by this preview. Who knows maybe we'll get lucky some day.

  • twofortea

    The maps are butt ugly IMHO.

  • Laura

    As much as I love the original Megaman series and fast-paced Quake style deathmatch gameplay, I don't feel like the right elements from each were mixed together for this mod. The 2D blown-up pixelated NES graphics mixed with the frantic FPS movement scheme just don't mesh well for me at all… targeting characters feels more random, the scenery blurs together, and it's harder to keep track of what's going on. It doesn't feel like a “Megaman FPS deathmatch” so much as it feels like Doom reskinned with Megaman graphics and music.

  • ashton bahnmiller

    That's because it is.

  • SavageSupreme


  • MachoMadness

    Elizabeth understands what I'm talkin' about, yeah.


  • Dodger

    Yes, that's very well put. I like the idea, but the execution doesn't work for me. It's far too frantic and “random” as you put it. I really do like the look of it and want to see more, something better and more fine tuned – perhaps not quite as fast paced either (since it doesn't really need to be quite so fast to be a good Deathmatch). I'd like to see more use of items as well. “E”nergy barrels that give you extra health refills (automatically when your health reaches zero), but I'd also like to see some items such as the useful platforming items such as floating platforms for reaching tough spots perfect for ambushing opponents.

    I'm glad someone has made this type of mod, because there are all kinds of ideas and the huge potential it has, but as it stands right now it's not something I actually want to play. This is more of something I want to – want to play, but until it's fine tuned I just like the look of it based on nostalgia alone even though I really can't stand the gameplay in its current form.

  • Gosh

    yea i mentioned that a couple of comments up.

  • Groot

    I like how half of the comments are “Looks cool, but I don't like the gameplay.” Hey, it's a doom mod. They play a certain way. Complaining about that instead of commenting on the actual game is like complaining about Super Mario by saying, “It's ok, but platform games are terrible,” as though that was an opinion that needed to be expressed.

  • Dodger

    Actually I think that's incorrect. I loved playing Doom and Doom II but I don't enjoy this very much. It's not so much that it's a doom mod, it's the way it was modded. The graphics and look of it are great but the gameplay is lacking. I'd personally like a single player mode (perhaps with a bit of story), but even though this is supposed to be a Doom Mod Deathmatch game it's not as much fun as Doom or Doom II was. It's a neat start but the weapons don't feel as effective as they could be and the pacing is just too frantic for the small levels. It does indeed make for a nice little tech demo but I think the reason most people have any complaints at all is because they want to like the game, not because they feel as though the Megaman series has been raped (I don't think that's the reason anyway – would be kinda silly). I personally see a lot of potential here – I just don't like what I see of the existing gameplay – but there is room for an FPS version of classic Megaman through Doom Mod… the graphics on the other hand put an immediate smile on my face and at least someone has started working on something like this. I definitely have to give credit where credit is due – I just want to like the gameplay more and I think Deathmatch could be enhanced greatly but a story mode might be even better (and more popular). I'll be keeping my on it if the author keeps working on it. :)

  • PhasmaFelis

    Of course, since Aquaria was made by the guy who RUNS THIS WEBSITE, I'm really not getting where the OMG TIGSOURCE ONLY LUVS 8BIT is coming from.

  • PhasmaFelis


    Repeat 10,000 times.

  • a twinkle in your eye

    “The 2D blown-up pixelated NES graphics mixed with the frantic FPS movement scheme just don't mesh well for me at all… “

    To be fair, the texturing on the walls/floors looks a damn sight better than it did in earlier videos (it was ugly as all hell before). But I agree it still is a bit too busy looking though, especially when the action is so fast.

  • Paul Villapiano

    It definitely needs a custom, single-player, story mode. A more difficult multiplayer story mode might be interesting, too.