Next Mojang Game: Scrolls

By: Derek Yu

On: March 2nd, 2011

Scrolls, by Mojang
The artwork is by Junkboy.

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson announced yesterday that the other game his studio, Mojang Specifications, is working on is Scrolls, a multiplayer tactics game that’s inspired by collectible card games, board games, and role-playing games. When the game is purchased, players get a “starter deck” of cards and can buy further packs later on (although Mojang claims that you will not simply be able to buy your way to victory). Where the team plans to improve upon other CCG video games like Magic Online is by adding complex features that wouldn’t be possible by emulating an analogue game. Also, a single-player mode of Scrolls is a possibility.

If you want more information, I suggest going to Rock, Paper, Shotgun. ‘Cause they the best.

  • ratking

    Is it just me, or am I the only one who really isn't excited about this?

  • Fezfzfz

    Well, when I read that I just thought: “they're just trying to make a(nother) money-making machine.” But then, if people want to buy this…

  • GuitaringEgg

    @ratking I love minecraft, but have a hatred of MMORPG's/RPG's in general. Quite disappointed, but meh.

  • Battlerager

    What the hell guys. This has nothing to do with MMORPGs, from what I can see even normal RPGs.

    It also doesn't look like an attempt to earn huge piles of cash. This is an incredibly niché game, and they know only a tiny fraction of their Minecraft audience will also dig this. Buying booster packs is normal. It's all a matter of pricing. If they make the virutal booster packs cost as much as ridiculously overpriced regular MtG cards or whatever, no chance. But if a booster with 10 random cards cost 1 or 2 bucks, I'm totally sold on this.


  • Razz

    Not a big fan of the art style, but the concept sounds interesting.

  • John Sandoval

    Love the artstyle; Junkboy is really quite something.

  • TheDustin

    I have a soft spot for ccgs and wargames so this possibly might align with my interests. Odd business model, I'll have to know more details before I have an opinion either way.

    And I concur, Rock Paper Shotgun is tits.

  • not zecks

    aaaand here we go again. (not gonna say where)

  • lol-man

    “Five years ago, me and Notch started talking about a game we felt was missing in the gaming market.”

    ooh i know this one!!!!

    a indie game with a soul after the mid-00's.


  • John Sandoval

    Apparently Penny Arcade is doing the writing for the game?

  • Yourmom

    looks like making money is now their #1 concern

  • Stupd

    notch “fuckshit” person

  • Marcus

    If that's what you're thought, you're incredibly stupid, but I promise not to hold it against you.

  • Battlerager

    Well, their writing-guy, Jerry Holkins.

  • gnola14

    Is it me or does it sounds like WTactics(.org)?

  • Jeye

    I will credit junkboy for doing such excellent art. I like his stuff. HOWEVER, i must disagree with you, this IS an attempt to make a lot of money, and no, that price point is not reasonable. Can you please consider the effort versus profit there? Let's say youve bought the game already. For the creators of minecraft, something totally incomparable, to take that sort of sales platform – 2 bucks for 10 digital sketches, some of which you may already have? And this is not an attempt to earn huge piles of cash? I can pay 50 cents for a 4×6 inch print on deviantart of art of comparable quality. Do you also think it acceptable for valve to charge you 5 bucks everytime you want to dye a hat your team colour?

  • Sean R-H

    I'm not. I'm not so big on RPGs or card games…

  • Jeye

    I rephrase that, they are not sketches, they are quality character designs. My position remains the same though.

  • Marcus

    i wonder what they paid to get their hands on, can't have come cheap

  • Rage1rage

    So how about that minecraft won't get developed ever again. (Like it did in the first place, fuck you notch.)