Super Space Rubbish

By: Derek Yu

On: June 7th, 2011

Slakinov’s Super Space Rubbish is a challenging Asteroids-like that has you mining the ‘roids for credits that can be used to buy upgrades for your ship. Aside from a gun, your ship comes equipped with a shield that deflects bullets and asteroids, and incapacitates smaller enemies. It drains energy quickly, though, so you’ll need good timing to use it properly. Overall, Super Space Rubbish is a fun and attractive shoot ’em up, and the $5 bundle is a steal – it comes with the game’s soundtrack as well as Pixeljam’s Dino Run SE. Play the demo right in your browser.

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  • Shelby Smith

    I love the asteroid splitting. It adds a lot.

  • Guewt


    Finally Mitsubishi getting into games.

  • kenny b

    bitchin' soundtrack…. snap.

  • Guest

    While the game does look good, damn that's one fine soundtrack.

  • Raigan

    My only complain is the way that “lives” work seems sort of broken; if you die, you can just quit and then continue to load your game before you died. Granted you lose your score, but the full game goes on for so long I'm doubtful that you'd be able to play it in one sitting anyway. The whole lives thing works better with the arcade demo mode (sadly missing from the full version).

  • Heylo_99

    Jolly good game. Judging by the screens I've seen, I have quite a ways to go.

  • hryx

    For those who like the soundtrack, it's by Datasette. He was interviewed for Renoise's “Artist In:Depth” series, posted just today:

  • Evan Balster

    Fucking FUCKING FUCKING HARD HARD GRAAAW (I'm at “everything's just fine”)

    What happened to the last six hours?

  • Guest

    Datasette = Slakinov, one and same guy

  • Nail_Bombed

    For such a small price, I decided to get the bundle… and I haven't sworn at a game so much in ages. Good stuff.

  • DerekYu

    Such a shitty game. Takes too long to respawn. Fucking blue ships are faggots, like Derek Yu

  • Derek Yu
  • Derek Yu
  • acridAxid

    Awful game.  So poorly balanced, I don’t know how anyone is expected to survive beyond the third or fourth rounds on just three lives (there’s no way you’ve earned 5000 credits for an extra ship by this point).  I’ve been doing the abort/restart thing and eventually gave the game a few lives here and there in the name of progress that I have no lives left and I’ve been stuck on “Popularity Contest” for two days, playing two hours each day.  At least Dino Run is interesting, and the soundtrack is in FLAC, but wow, don’t expect much from Space Rubbish.  :(

  • Anonymous

    Unbalanced, Very challenging, but great fun. It’s one of those games that seem impossible and needs perfect concentration. Not very casual, but a great homage to asteroids. A tip: upgrade the rock purifier 3 levels, and stay off the shot multiplier until the blue ships make their first appearance.