By: Derek Yu

On: June 28th, 2011

Vlambeer has released a new game, called Luftrauser. It’s very simple – use the arrow keys to fly around and press X to shoot and take out enemy planes, jets, and boats. The controls are good, though, and the action ramps up quickly.

A few things to keep in mind: 1. your plane can hit the water at any speed without taking damage, and 2. it regenerates health.

TIGdb: Entry for Luftrauser

  • JP Stringham

    This game is frickin’ awesome.

  • Arno Shahmoradian

    I like, is it on the iPad or iPhone?

  • Guest

    It’s a good game for a quick play. Nothing long lasting or something I’d return to though.

    Letting go of the gas and hitting it again after doing a 360-pew-pew-turn feels amazing.

    Is there a way to make it fullscreen though?

  • DerekYu

    You are the worst kind of person.

  • Arno Shahmoradian

    Your the worst kind of person that has no clue. This game would rock on the iPad, iPhone or Mac.

  • ortoslon

    correction: you take damage if you hit water hard enough to submerge

  • Richard Malinar

    That’s fantastic :o

  • Arne Lie Bergheim

    Get a job, hippie.

  • Guewt


  • Loki

    Yeah, too bad they don’t support flash.
    Also, protip: this should be playable on a mac, wtf are you doing?

  • verythrax

    Little awesome gem!

  • verythrax

    Little awesome gem!

  • Nathaniel Sabanski

    This looks amazing! Downloading now.

  • Nathaniel Sabanski

    The 2-3 atom gameplay works really well. Nice subtle effects like the water shooting up when you fly close down, and when the plane is on fire. I totally freaked out when I saw the huge battlecruiser!

  • Nathaniel Sabanski

    Awesome design decision to not kill the player on impact with the water as it’s difficult to see. The bouncing effect feels good.

  • Snow (real name: Arno)

    Off topic. Nice to see another Arno.

    On topic. I could see this game on iOS mobile. I finally admit that Refenes was right (and not a douchebag) in comparing the iPhone to a tiger handheld, however, simple quick arcade games like the above are perfectly suited for simple platforms. I think iOS is suited for *some* games.

  • KaLanGO

    Should be ported to Android, its just a AIR batch file thing….

  • robolee

    I hate it when in this type of game enemies kill you by suiciding, I can’t be the only one can I? There’s then nothing human about the AI, just mindless “go towards player” orders. This is common in a lot of games and it just annoys me. It’s not hard to make the enemies try to back up a bit or dodge you if they are too close. I guess this complaint is personal preference and some would argue the opposite…

    Also I don’t really like how when you stop accelerating your velocity zeros in about a quarter of a second and gravity takes over, makes the gravity and air resistance feel way too strong.

    Other than those complaints it’s pretty good but I don’t think I’ll be going back to it.

  • robolee

    Also the time between dying and respawning is way too long and annoying.

    However the game is very well polished and looks and sounds excellent. I do like the game despite my criticism.

  • Anonymous

    Feels like a trampoline!

  • Anonymous

    Feels like a trampoline!

  • Anonymous

    I just remembered “Get that Sub!” ( ) which was a previous game from one of the developers. Man, I had a ton of fun with that back in school…

  • Vania

    It was cool, but it only gave me like 5 minutes of fun.

  • James

    Suicide is a viable strategy! You can take out the first few rounds of planes simply by ramming them.

  • Squoon

    I think I liked that way more than I should have.

  • modred11

    I don’t know how many hours of play time I’ve gotten in on this game, but it’s awesome. I never play games that much, but this one’s really good.

    Also: I Took Down A Battleship!!!

    Yay me.

    Took me a few days to do that though

  • Barry Burce

    It hurts my eyes