The Binding of Isaac Demo

By: Derek Yu

On: October 11th, 2011


A two-level demo is now available for Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl’s shooter The Binding of Isaac.

TIGdb: Entry for the Binding of Isaac

  • YetanotherguyIam

    First comment.

  • Jethro Larson

    Sweet. And in flash? Brilliant!

  • YetanotherguyIam

    flash is brilliant huh, right

  • Dookieboots

     This game is brilliant. The developer also announced a huge content update for halloween. There are details here:

  • YetanotherguyIam

    wasn’t this game available at newgrounds for free?

  • Kicks

    Skip demo. Pay 5 bucks. Save yourself 10 minutes. This game is incredible.

  • YetanotherguyIam

    Nope! Didn’t skip the demo! :D 
    But instead I was encouraged to try it! Overview: It’s a nice polished game! As a free demo, I’d rate it 9 out of 10, but heck, as a paid game, 6 out of 10. Here’s why:Graphics: 8.5 out of 10 – *Polished animations *Silly aestheticGameplay 4 out of 10 – *Simplistic basic 4 side movementStory 8.0 out of 10 – *Pretty good sense of humor *Fair voice actingOverall 4.5 – *One foot on the funny, another on the tasteless and/or banal.  *Cons: I’ve bought games that are better than this one, and yet I have better things to do than play them. *Pros: To be fair this is a complete game, and deserves to be sold. The $5 price is fair, just be sure to play the demo to see if you’re into it. 

  • Sveru

    I thought the game mechanics were overly simple, and the combat (which is most of the game) was very boring. Same goes for the bosses. No special tactics to figure out, run away and shoot all the way pretty much and they have too much health. I would have preferred bosses for which you actually have to use some tactics and then hit them a couple of times using that.

    Presentation is nice, but as far as the actual game element goes I am not impressed.

  • ptoing

    ptoing above