Coming to Steam: Realm of the Mad God

By: Alehkhs

On: February 18th, 2012

Realm of the Mad God, the free-to-play, bullet-hell MMORPG will soon arrive on Steam.

Realm of the Mad God

Originally an entry in the TIGSource Assemblee Competition, Realm of the Mad God has continued to gain popularity for the past two years, and was announced as a Main Competition finalist for the 2012 Independent Games Festival. The game’s move to Steam, early next week, shows just how popular it has become and will introduce achievements to the game as well as a stand-alone client (though players will still be able to play in their browsers, if they so wish). The game will continue to be free to play, and it’s almost certain that the team intends to add new content throughout the foreseeable future as the player base continues to grow.

Congratulations, Wild Shadow Studios!


TIGdb: Entry for Realm of the Mad God

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  • Anonymous

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  • News

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  • MrGoudoel


  • Arucard

    That’s awesome, I know it’s been popular since the contest great to see TIGS still breeding winners. So why no contests for like the last year?

  • Gnome

    I’m impressed!

  • Sly von Voigt

     no im first PROVE ME WRONG

  • Oryx

    I shoulda asked for more money :(

  • Former Assembleeeeer

    Oryx :(

    Let’s do Assemblee II already!!

  • Oddball

    I’m pretty happy with the amount I got, except now I get accused of ripping off their graphics all the time.

  • GGringo

    Why would I play this if I have cave story in my hdd?

  • Ryan Szrama

    Because you won’t always have your hdd, but you will have the internet.

  • 1junk2junk3junk

    But for games like RotMG you need internet anyway. You can download it as a .swf file and run it but in the end you’ll need internet to connect to the servers.

  • Oryx

    I’m ready for Assemblee II! Someone make it happen!

  • jay

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  • GGringo

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  • GGringo

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  • Clint Emsley

    Damn you TIGSource, for I am hooked on this game and wasting many hours on it. 

  • cougarten

    Android version was nice.
    Kick out all alpha gradients, make it touchable, make the viewport/stage dynamic in size and create a little browser wrapper app. Could be done in a day.

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  • News

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  • ZedMaster

    I only wish that I could play rotmg way back during the Assemblee days.