Jelly no Puzzle

By: ithamore

On: February 23rd, 2013

Jelly no Puzzle

Jelly no Puzzle is the latest difficult puzzle game from Qrostar. It shares some similarities with his earlier Hanano Puzzle but has enough changes in the gameplay to make it a new challenge.  Mainly, the jelly blocks push each other instead of being switchable.

Qrostar is still making tweaks to the game before finalizing it, but I found the current version very playable. The latest improvement-in-progress should help to compensate for colorblindness through adjustments made to the color values. So, if you have something to report or a comment to share with him, you can head over to his diary to post it. That’s also were you can find a link to download alternate versions of levels 38, 39 and 40 that were replaced during development.

  • Alexis PAUTROT

    Isn’it the same concept than the game Jelly Blocks from Mickael Le ?? => ?

  • hahaer

    Not particularly, aside from the fusing blocks concept.

  • Josh

    YES! I love this guy, Hanano was the most challening and pure puzzle game I’ve played in a long time. And I’m already stuck on this one…yay :D

  • keelo

    I think I solved 11 in my sleep. 15 is destroying me though. This game is pure distilled puzzle goodness.

  • anonymous

    Similar concept, but that game can be solved by just randomly mashing keys.

  • moose

    This is great, really well thought out puzzles. I am stuck on 17 and 19.

  • moose

    hint: one red block goes in the pit…

  • sokoban

    I would say totally different. The kongregate game has no gravity, and all blocks move at the same time.

  • Mike666