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By: ithamore

On: February 16th, 2012

Vote for game genres and themes for Mojang’s game jam for this weekend, and they will make a game from the candidates with the most and least votes in each category. An RTS beat ’em up influenced by steampunk and ancient Egypt is the current winner.

All donations made for the game through Humble Bundle will go to charity.  So you’ll get the game while helping charity, and you get to pick restrictions for the genres and themes beforehand. Let’s hope this is one of those times when every vote counts.

(Source: IndieGames)

Humble Android Bundle

By: Derek Yu

On: February 1st, 2012

The Humble Bundle guys have launched a new pay-what-you-want bundle aimed at Android users. The games included are Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD, Osmos HD, and the puzzle game EDGE. World of Goo is available as a “beat-the-average” bonus game. If you buy the bundle you’ll receive the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of these games, as well.

Humble Introversion Bundle

By: Derek Yu

On: November 23rd, 2011

I think you all know how this works by now! The latest Humble Bundle features the games of Introversion (Darwinia, Multiwinia, Defcon, and Uplink), as well as two beat-the-average games: Petri Purho’s Crayon Physics and Bit Blot’s Aquaria (Bit Blot is me and Alec Holowka). Name your price for six games and help charity at the same time!

TIGdb: Entry for Introversion