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PopCap Buys Retro64

By: Derek Yu

On: July 12th, 2007

Pop Cap

Gamasutra reports that Pop Cap has bought casual developer Retro64, turning it into one of its satellite studios. In other words, Retro64 has been assimilated into the core and the buzzing of the hive mind just got a little stronger…

Retro64 is a development studio / casual portal that recently developed the casual game Venice, which was published by Pop Cap, and also hosts the Indiegamer forums as well as Game Tunnel.

What we have here is definitely a “casual bloc” forming… a “Gem Curtain” behind which millions of creative minds will die under colorful, gem-toed boots of match 3 oppression. Indie gaming cold war for the win!

(Source: Indygamer)

PopCap on the Topic of Creativity

By: Derek Yu

On: June 26th, 2007



“Popcap games’ lawyer replied my mail and the one from my lawywers’ office. In essence, they don’t give a shit. I think they knew what they were doing from the start and they are bad businessmen. You know that to think of a game and to actually make it takes a lot of energy and money. Ripping off someonelse’s idea is bad; they don’t belong in the game business.” -Roy Ozaki, President, Mitchell Corporation (Link)

(Source: Indygamer)

Bookworm Adventures

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: December 6th, 2006

Even word games can be fun if you drink enough!  Just like grandma always said.

PopCap released a new Scrabble-like game recently called Bookworm Adventures, and it seems to be pretty popular, thanks in no small part to Tycho’s love of all things word. So I thought I’d mention it here, but it just wouldn’t be right if I hadn’t played the thing first, y’know?

Before I knew it — POW — splash screen. The trial period had ended. I had played for an hour straight.

So… it’s pretty addictive. Even if you’re not a huge nerd!

My proudest moments: Delivering a crushing “conquistadores” to put away Circe and dropping the still-impressive “elucubration” right before the demo ended.

Alright, maybe it is only fun for huge nerds.

PopCap, DEFCON now on Steam

By: Tim

On: August 23rd, 2006


It’s nice to see Steam picking up speed when it comes to supporting indie games (though it’s pretty much debatable if the games on offer are indie in the first place).

Seventeen of PopCap’s wonderful games will be made available on Steam starting this August 30th, while presumably DEFCON’s release date was pushed back due to the fact that they were trying to conclude this deal.